Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I'm not sure how this happened but I was invited to got to a special event via Walker Books in connection with Zoe Marriott.

In case you are not aware, I ADORE Zoe's The Name of the Blade trilogy. So, of course, I had to go to get titbits! ANY INFORMATION WOULD DO!

So, last Saturday, I went to London and it was a weird day from the word go as, walking through a train station to get to the London Underground, I walked past Rob Lloyd Jones (author of Wild Boy - another Walker Book that I LOVE!). But as I wasn't sure if it was him and I didn't want to make myself look like a fool infront of a stranger, I tweeted Rob to check and - yep. It was him.

Damn it.

After meeting Luna from Luna's Little Library (who has lent me a book and dragged me into an awesome charity bookshop [the same that Stevie from SableCaught took me to! Completely forgot its existence!] and made me buy 3 books that sound interesting), we went to Walker Books to meet Zoe and other book bloggers I haven't seen in AGES! I missed you all and we need to meet up more often!

Zoe and everyone at Walker Books were lovely as we talked about Zoe's inspiration, Japanese mythology (something I really want to read more about!) and future novel ideas. Maybe. All of which sounded exciting and awesome. Laura from SisterSpooky and I got very excited over one idea which I hope does get written!

And while Walker very kindly offered mugs of tea (in Where's Wally? mugs), sandwiches and chocolate cake, Zoe read a tiny scene from the third and final book in the Name of the Blade trilogy, Frail Mortal Heart. And I think we were either clapped when she finished, shouted at her to keep reading or sat there in stunned silence, I can't remember.

And then, Zoe revealed the cover for Frail Mortal Heart. And Walker have sent a high-def photo to us to show on the blog, hence why I didn't write this Saturday night/Sunday. I wanted it here to show you! (Will keep you waiting for a paragraph or two. Hang in there!)

After that, Zoe were very kind to sign books (I had to get her to sign my copies of Name of the Blade. I'm sorry, but I HAD to!) and Walker very kindly offered some of her books to us. Which is lovely as I have plans to try and read at least ONE of Zoe's books. I hope it will be Shadows on the Moon. Well, I've told people I will have that read by Christmas and they will tell me off if I don't, but I hope to read that and one other before my next blog break!

Before I reveal the cover of Frail Mortal Heart, I just want to say thank you to Walker Books for inviting me to this event. Thank you for Zoe for reading, answer questions and making me both love/hate her. Thank you to all the bloggers who turned up - it's been so long! And thank you to Rob who I was too afraid to say hi to. Next time...

Anyway, the cover of Frail Mortal Heart. Are we ready? Three, two, one...


But yes, I can not WAIT to read this! But July 2015 is SO FAR AWAY!!! And because of this, all the bloggers who came to the event was given an advance chapter sampler of the very first chapter in this book.

I won't read it. I won't. I - SOD IT! AM READING IT.

*reads advance chapter sampler*

I hate myself.

Monday, 27 October 2014

GoodRead - The Testing

After reading The Guest Cat over a very short period of time (while I was away of holiday), I asked Twitter if I should read this or if I should read The Bone Season. Twitter, to my surprise, told me to read The Testing. Whenever I ask Twitter to pick my next read, you guys always surprise me...

Every year, the United Commonwealth invites the top students from each colony to take part in The Testing. If you are successful, you go onto University and, after that, help the Government rebuild the war-stricken world. If you failed... best not thinking about.

Cia Vale is one of the successful students going to take part in The Testing. But her father gives her one warning - Trust No One. And what Cia sees within The Testing will change her...

This book is a bit of mixed bag. While I liked reading it, I saw real issues with it and, because of these, it makes it hard to warm to the book.

I liked the idea of this story and the series - the idea of education becoming more lethal - and I know that the second and third books in this trilogy are better than this first book from several reviews I have read.

But, I hate to say this, the execution of this idea is lacking. I'm not sure if it's how the main character, Cia, told the story or the packing of the story. There were times where information was thrown in a paragraph to speed things along (when it might have been more interesting to read the characters talking about the same information). Also, with the four Tests that took part in The Testing, the first 3 test took part within the first 40% but the last test took part in, roughly, the last 40-45%.

What worse is that, at times, I couldn't help but compare to The Hunger Games. Which you should never do, as The Hunger Games isn't the be-all and end-all of YA dystopia novels, but when you have something so successful, you can't help but compare. And at times, you couldn't help but wonder if, because The Hunger Games was so successful, someone wanted something similar and wanted to publish it quickly and The Testing was what was written.

But, like I said before, I know from other book reviewers/vloggers that the series does improve and I do have Independent Study and Graduation Day on my kindle (all 3 of these books are 99p at the moment! BARGAIN!) so I will continue the series. But I don't think that this book is a great book to start a trilogy with.

SMILE - Imagination Encircles The World

Like with last week's SMILE, I saw this quote randomly in May and I wanted to share it with you! So, TA-DAH!!!

My thanks goes to Pinterest as this was the best picture I could find with this quote so THANK YOU PINTEREST!

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

GoodRead - A New York Christmas

Ok, I am writing this blogpost in September, but I think I shall post this near the UK publication date so end of October, which means I am breaking my own rule of writing review when I finished the book and airing it when it's written. Oh well!

Jemima Pitt arrives in New York. The year is 1904. She's there to chaperone her friend, Delphinia, across the ocean to marry one of New York's richest men. But when Jemima discovers a secret that could ruin the wedding, she tries to protect her friend.

And it backfires. Soon, Jemima has to prove her innocence in an unfamiliar city...

I requested this from BookBridgr on impulse. Plus, was going through a phase where I wanted to read Christmas reads and was requesting them (this was my third, if I remember correctly) and I thought this would be a light, cozy read.

Which it was. It's a novella that I can imagine fans reading on Christmas Day after Christmas lunch and the Queen's Speech to past the time before the Christmas edition of Strictly Come Dancing or Downton Abbey started.

However, while I liked it, I sense this novella wasn't for me. I love a good cozy murder mystery (remember, I own two DVDs of Murder, She Wrote - DON'T JUDGE ME!), but it was a tad too cozy for my tastes. I feel that this story was aimed for an older target audience rather than someone in their late twenties.

But, it was a different read for me, and I always like to try something new. And while it has started to get me in the mood for Christmas (I hate Halloween so am ignoring that holiday!) and I wanted something fast to read before I dare tackle a beast of a book (which I sense I have reviewed already... hopefully...), this story just wasn't my cup of mulled wine.

Monday, 20 October 2014

SMILE - Imperfection is Beauty

I saw this somewhere and I have always found it such a cool quote, so I wanted to share it with you!

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

GoodRead - The Guest Cat

I was meant to have this week off. This was meant to be a tiny RSM - my "radio silence" blog break. But I read this very quickly. Within 3 to 4 days so I thought I would quickly type this review up and then do the horror of "Picking My Next Read" (I shall ask Twitter to pick!).

In this translation, we follow a couple who rent a small cottage in the quiet side of Tokyo, who work as freelance writers. One day, a cat walks into their garden. After spending most of the day there, the cat's leave but returns the next day. And the following day. And the day after that. Soon, tiny joys that this cat brings towards this couple, and bring this couple closer together. And then something happens that changes all that. 

Now, because I read this on holiday, I can only really see this as a holiday read. I found this an easy read and the language used was simple yet there were times the writing was very beautiful. You can tell that Takashi Hiraide is a poet. His use of language is simple yet effective. You know he took time writing this story. 

However, because I read this while on holiday, it was an easy read and there was a few times I did wonder about the couple and the cat (I had cats in my life so I know that cats, while loving creatures, are only loyal to the person who feeds them. I know some cats that have food from several "owners"... don't ask), and there were paragraphs where it did feel like I was reading a translation because it felt "jarring" to read. 

It was a nice holiday read that I liked, so I sense some of you guys will love and some of you will hate. 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Magnus Bane Quote Vote!

Also, you can have a look at http://www.ink-slingers.co.uk/ in the coming dates for the sixteen quotes and watching them battle it out for the next few weeks! 

SMILE - What on Earth Am I Doing Here On This Beautiful Day?!

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