Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Audiobook Review - Murder At The Vicarage

  • Title And Author: The Murder At The Vicarage by Agatha Christie
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Physical, eBook or Audiobook: Audiobook
  • Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Bought
  • Length: 304 Pages or 8 Hours 12 Minutes
  • Buy From: Book Depository - Foyles - Waterstones - Audible

My first Agatha Christie of the Year. And I am planning to read a lot more (I have … hang on, let me check my Goodreads To Be Read list … six.) Hopefully, I will try and read them all this year. I want to read more crime/mystery books this years as well as a few other genres. But getting away from the point, my first Agatha Christie of 2020 and my first, real Miss Marple novel. 

And while I do have one Miss Marple on my kindle - Sleeping Murder - and I do keep wondering about two or three other titles, I keep hearing this is a good place to start with Marple. So, when I saw just before Christmas that this was on a One Day Deal on Audible for 99p, I jumped at it, only to hesitant a little. 

Why, I hear you ask? Because I have tried to read a sampler of the book on my kindle multiply times and I can never seem to get past the first few pages. I just don’t click with it. But I hoped, when I decided to press play, that I would just go with it and hopefully, I would get it as I went. 

“Anyone who murdered Colonel Protheroe would be doing the world at large a service!” Careless remark from the parson to his wife, only his words come back to haunt him when he discovered the Colonel, shot in the head, in the vicarage’s study. The people of St Mary Mead are shocked: who could have done such a thing? The wife? Her lover? The Colonel’s daughter? The newcomer whose past is a mystery? The doctor? The parson himself? 

But living in this picturesque English village lives one Miss Jane Marple, and she has her own thoughts on the murder…

Friday, 17 January 2020

Tweet Cute That Extract!

First extract/blog tour of the year! And it's should give you feels! Yes, it's a rom-com, something that is very outside my comfort zone, but I think you guys are going to devour with a mug of hot chocolate and hot grilled cheese sandwich!

Pepper and Jack can't be more different. Pepper is swim team captain, chronic overarchiever and all round perfectionist. Jack is the class clown and thorn in Pepper's side. Pepper's family might be falling apart. Jack just want to get out of his popular brother's shadow. Pepper's family owns a massive fast-food chain, Big League Burger, and is secretly in charge of their Twitter. Jack has a love/hate relationship with his small family deli and built an anonymous chat app.

But when Big League Burger's steals Jack's grandma's grilled cheese recipe, Jack decide to take the company down, one tweet at a time.

Soon, Pepper and Jack's spat goes Twitter viral, via sneaky memes and retweet battles. All the while, they are chatting to each other via Jack's app and, slowly, they're falling for each other...

All's fair in cheese and war... right?

Yes, I know, this is very sweet (and maybe a tad cheesy for me - see what I did there?), but I saw this and went "yes!" over it when I was asked to be involved in this tour. So, I wanna thank Meghan for asking if I wanted to be involved. Now, before I hand you over to the extract, if you want to know more info about Tweet Cute, you can chat to Emma via her Twitter - @dilemmalord - or you can go to either St Martin Press to learn more.

Now, over to the extract!!!

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Audiobook Review - The Long Call

  • Title And Author: The Long Call by Ann Cleeves
  • Publisher: MacMillian
  • Physical, eBook or Audiobook: Audiobook & eBook
  • Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: eProof Gifted by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and Audiobook borrowed from local library via BorrowBox
  • Length: 384 Pages or 10 Hours 23 Minutes
  • Buy From: Book Depository - Foyles - Waterstones - Audible

This wasn’t meant to be my first review on the Pewter Wolf. I had planned to keep this back for a possible Audiobook Month later in the year, celebrating audiobooks. I still have plans for that, but I was listening to this over the Christmas/New Year period and I changed my mind. I thought this would make a nice start to 2020, trying to show off my plans for the year. 

The Long Call is the first book in Ann Cleeves new series, Two Rivers. We know Ann Cleeves for writing the Shetland series (starting with Raven Black - which I do own, I think) and the Vera Stanhope series (starting with The Crow Trap). Both series adapted to television (Vera on ITV and Shetland on BBC) and The Long Call has already been bought for TV adaptation. So, a new series is both exciting and scary for Cleeves fans. 

In North Devon, where the river Taw meets the river Torridge and run into the sea, Detective Matthew Venn is standing outside a church. It’s his father’s funeral, but he can’t attend. His family are members of a strict evangelical community, the Barum Brethren, and, when he was younger, he turned his back on the faith, his family disowned him and when he met and married a man… well, you can guess the rest...

But it’s on this day that Matthew is thrown into his first major case. A body has been found on the beach, very close to Matthew’s house. A man who was stabbed with a tattoo of an albatross on his neck. 

Slowly, Matthew and his team are pulled into the case, with connections not only to the family and  religious friends who turned their backs on Matthew but to the Woodyard Centre, a safe place for disabled and mentally impaired people and a community centre that provides counselling serves, classes, charity services. The centre is managed by Matthew’s husband, Jonathan, and Matthew can’t help but wonder if he’s far too close to the investigation to solve it.

Monday, 13 January 2020


HAPPY 2020!!! And, if I’ve done my mental maths right, HAPPY TEN YEARS TO THE PEWTER WOLF!

TEN YEARS?! Can you believe it?! TEN YEARS!!! 

Ok, let me correct self before some of you guys point out I’ve made a mistake. The Pewter Wolf start life as a small blog in 2009, where I could show off my writing and me finding my voice as a young, possibly, maybe gay man (I was 95% sure but wasn’t 100% confident in self). But the Pewter Wolf took a detour into book blogging in Summer 2010 and in October 2010, I went to first book blogger event at publisher, Atom!

So, I class 2010 as the year I took my book blogging seriously and, here we are, ten years later! And we’ve had good times (making some wonderful friends, meet some ace authors, nominated and winning blogger awards [only the one]) and we’ve had some bad times (self doubt, several occasions where I have been this close to quitting blogging as what’s the ****ing point?!). 

But here we are! Ten years later! And I’m shocked over what this blog has done and how book blogging has changed over the years.

So, Ten Years of the Pewter Wolf. What’s gonna happen this? 

Well, this year is going to be the same as before. Reading books/ebooks/audiobooks from all over the genre and age range. As you might have noticed if you watch me carefully, my reading seems to be more adult, more grown-up (though my love will always be with Young Adult and children’s). So, you might see me trying to take bigger reading risks. 

But what you should see, if I get myself all together, I shall be trying to reread some books from ye olde days of Pewter Wolf’s blogging early days. I want to celebrate my past and reread some reads to see if my enjoyment of them stands the test of time… 

So, this year is going to be a mixed-bag for the Pewter Wolf. Brace yourselves and I hope you enjoy the ride!

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Book Review - A Throne of Swans

  • Title And Author: A Throne of Swans by Elizabeth and Katherine Corr
  • Publisher: Hot Key Books
  • Physical, eBook or Audiobook: Physical
  • Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Gifted by the publisher in exchange for an honest review/reaction
  • Length: 352 Pages
  • Buy From: Book Depository - Foyles - Waterstones - Audible

SURPRISE! Ok, am meant to be back properly for book blogging duties next week (I just want a little time longer to read and get my back into my real life job before I got back into her), but when I was asked to be involved in the Throne of Swans tour, I jumped at it. Plus, I had (for once) read and wrote up my review several weeks before so, TECHNICALLY, this was one of my last reads of 2019, but this is going to be my write-ups of 2020! 

This took me a while to read. I feel like I should explain this right now before we go any further into the post. I started reading this early in December, the same day some bloggers went to Hot Key HQ to chat to both authors and launch the book at a bloggers’s event. Normally, I would write these events up but this event (as well as a Walker Books Blogger Event that happened several days later) but I didn’t write as I didn’t have time! Sorry, December was a mad month. I think we all can agree to that! 

And it took me a while to read and review. Why, I hear you ask. December is a mad, busy month. I just couldn’t seem to find the time to read and then write this! Plus, I kept putting it off (I liked the Witch's Kiss trilogy, so what if I hated this?). All of which explains why I wrote this post up now, literally days before Christmas (when I am on blogging holiday and as far away from my laptop as possible, FYI!) and posting it now.

Inspired by Swan Lake, Throne of Swans follows Aderyn who inherits the role of Protector to Atratys after her father dies. Atratys is a dominion in a kingdom where nobles can transform into birds that represent their family bloodline. Aderyn’s is a swan. But she hasn’t transformed for years after witnessing the brutal murder of her mother, ripped apart by hawks who are supposedly extinct sing the great War of the Raptors. 

Aderyn wants revenge, she must venture into the heart of the royal court, ruled by her cruel uncle, the King, to seek the truth. But how far is she willing to go…?

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Counterplots Can Be Dangerous

This is going to be my last post of 2019! And what a nice post to have as this is part of the blog tour for Dai George's The Counterplot, an Audible Original!

The Counterplot follows Ben Johnson, a contemporary to Shakespeare in London 1603. But Ben has fallen on hard times and in desperation, writes a satirical play. Only for it to backfire hugely and he finds himself in prison with his reputation in ruins.

When he finally leaves jail, he decides to return to his estranged wife, Anna. But Anna isn't the same woman Ben left when he went out to seek his fortune. His absence and the deaths of their three children has led Anna to become friends with some very passionate Roman Catholics. Scared for his wife, Ben becomes entangled with these people and their dangerous plan to overthrow the King. The Gunpowder Plot is brewing...

If you want more details about this audiobook, check it out on (of course) Audible, but I am thrilled to welcome the author, Dai George on the Pewter Wolf with a small Q&A. No spoilers, but hopefully, these questions and answers will wet your appetite!

Before I hand you over to our Q&A, want to thank Dai for finding time to answer these (this time of year is insane!) and a small thank you to Anna at Midas PR for asking if I wanted to be involved in this tour. Now, if you want to say hi to Dai, check him out on Twitter at @dai_r_george!


Thursday, 19 December 2019

Audiobook Review - The Twisted Tree

  • Title And Author: The Twisted Tree by Rachel Burge
  • Publisher: Hot Key Books
  • Physical, eBook or Audiobook: Audiobook
  • Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Borrowed from local library via BorrowBox
  • Length: 256 Pages or 6 Hours 41 Minutes
  • Buy From: Book Depository - Foyles - Waterstones - Audible

This might be my last review/write-up of 2019! It depends how fast I can finish my current read (unless I finish it prior to this weekend). Anyway, back story. I went the to the Hot Key Blogger Launch to The Twisted Tree earlier this year at the publisher and we were all intrigued by this. A ghost story with hints of Norse mythology? Sign me up!

But I kept putting this off. So, in the end, when I saw the audiobook version on the BorrowBox app (in connection with Essex Libraries), I requested it and listened to this over the course of several days at work.

Ever since the accident, Martha can sense things. She can tell things about a person by touching their clothes. Their emotions, memories, regrets, all soaked into the fabric. Trying to come to terms with this new, unsettling gift and how the accident left her blind in one eye, Martha goes to her grandmother - Mormor - house in Norway. But when she gets there, she finds that her Mormor is dead and a runaway is living in her cabin. Not only that but something is outside the cabin, waiting… and all the while, the Twisted Tree is watching. Watching and waiting…

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Audiobook Review - Wolf-Speaker

  • Title And Author: Wolf Speaker by Tamora Pierce
  • Publisher: Harper Voyager
  • Physical, eBook or Audiobook: Audiobook
  • Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Borrowed from local library via BorrowBox
  • Length: 256 Pages or 6 Hours 31 Minutes
  • Buy From: Book Depository - Foyles - Waterstones - Audible

Last year, I went through a huge blitz of getting advance reader copies of Tamora Pierce’s novels via NetGalley. And I only read Wild Magic. I liked it (will put link to my write-up here) and I had plans to read the second and third (Wolf-Speaker and Emperor Mage) in the series soon after as I got them as well as her newest novel, Tempests and Slaughter. And I somehow didn’t get round to it. I just lost track of time. Earlier this year, I audiobooked First Test, the first in another quartet by her, Protector of the Small (link for that is here). After audio booking and again, liking it, I decided that if I want to continue with that series, I really should try and finish the ARCs I have and, maybe even completing the series somehow.

But it’s been nearly a year, could I pick up the story of how Wild Magic ended and Wolf-Speaker begun…?

Daine has wild magic. She can talk and sway the actions of animals. So when Daine is summoned by a pack of wolves who saved Daine’s life years ago, she goes without thinking, taking her mentor, the legendary mage Numair. They travel to the Dunlath Valley, but both are shocked at the danger that awaits them. The animals and humans of the valley’s lives are in danger as the valley’s rulers have been blinded by greed and power, and they plans to overthrow the king must be stopped at all costs…