Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Night Vale: Condos Blog-A-Long

Hi there! I really wanted to do a tweet-a-long for quite some time. The last time I did it was in 2012, I think, and that was for an episode of Ambridge Extra (if you want to read that post, please click here). I was considering doing a tweet-a-long to the pilot episode of Star-Crossed, but decided against it as I haven't watched the show yet. Nothing jumped out at me, till I treated myself to this very special episode of Welcome to Night Vale, a podcast I love!

So, if you want to join in, either click here for iTunes or here for Night Vale Wiki and there will be links to find it elsewhere online. And, after listening to it, you want to subscribe to the podcast, please click here! Or here! That would be cool of you.

Now, enough talk! Let's click play!

0:08 - "At last, we are alone!" Oh Cecil, you sweettalker you. Many fans wish you would say that to them and them alone. 
0:50- "Condos for sell!"
1:30- "One local realtor, speaking under the condition of anonymity, and from within the belly of a grazing deer..." Insert bad job here...
2:21 - "...the deer got spook and ran away." *snorts with laughter*
3:00 - "Everyone is there." And I'm back in secondary school, being THAT kid again. 
3:35 - "Leann Hart, Publishing Editor of the Night Vale Daily Journal, who was holding a bloodied hatchet, in case she came across any bloggers or online journalists who might threaten her grip on the printed word." Ok, maybe it's a good thing I didn't join the line, after all...
3:44 - "Carlos the Scientist" [Insert fangirl screams here]
4:13 - "Carlos is totally my boyfriend!"
And with this, the fandom dies of happiness!
6:20 - "Is that a condo? Is that a condo?"
6:37 - No way! 
7:23 - The Great Question: Will a spine buy you a condo? (Maybe this will help with next month's rent... Awaits answer)
7:53 - Ooooh! That's a Scientist! Knowing that might mean I can understand Brian Cox more...
8:23 - CARLOS!!!
8:50 - Who has a fear of spiders now? *sees whole fandom's hands shoot up* 
8:57 - "I'm very into science." Aren't we all, Cecil?
9:10 - "Every time you're on..."
10:13 - "I love... no, no, no, you go."
10:40 - "Let's talk about your health." ARE YOU KIDDING ME, CECIL?! 
12:05 - And now I want to rush online and check out if I'm healthy. Thanks, Cecil. Thanks a bunch.
12:10 - "The Condos are here!" *hides under the sofa with the throat spiders* 
14:45 - Is it safe to come out yet?
15:04 - The Faceless Old Woman Who Lives In Your Home has turned up! And she moved Cecil's coffee.... She and I could NEVER be friends...
16:25 - "This world will simply talks itself to death." Cheerful soul, isn't she?
17:05 - Ah, Cecil. She says beware and you, like all of the fandom is going "WHAT DID HE MEAN!?" 
17:35 - Out of coffee? What kind of host are you?!
17:47 - "Picture a car..."
"No, you're doing it wrong. Try again."
22:15 - A SPINE CAN BUY YOU A CONDO!!! I can now sleep easily at nights now.
23:49 - "Was that a condo?" 
25:30 - Oh, hello Hiram McDonald - you five-headed dragon, you! Er... hello to you and you and you and you and you - wait! I said hi to you already! Sorry about that. 
26:08 - Oh, that head sounds like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. 
26:46 - "My favorite memory." ... David Cameron? Is that you trying to be hip with us? 
29:00 - 
31:06 - THAT WORKS! Well... sorta. Kinda. Maybe... 
32:57 - Oh, really? What was your first clue?
35:44 - "Tuesday. Oh, you don't ever want to know..."
36:12 - CARLOS IS BACK!!! SO HAPPY AND... WAIT! Something's wrong here...
36:27 - The shippers are now reacting like this:
36:35 - NO!NONONONO!
37:22 - The shippers are now screaming. Or is that the voices in my head...? 
37:43 - SAVE HIM! And now, since I saw this gif, I can imagine Cecil doing this...
Ok, Cecil in my head is a little sexy... SH! Tell no one... 
39:37 - They can't kill off Carlos? They won't, will there...
40:20 - No... they won't. They won't kill our hearts... 
40:45 - They going to kill him. They're going to kill Carlos. I fear the worse, Night Vale... And am reacting badly...
41:59 - Traffic's over! We'll find our if the writers have destroyed our hearts or not... 
42:30 - Looks over my shoulder now, fearful...
44:22 - Who else thinks this is the Faceless Old Woman's life story? 
44:41 - Me thinks the Faceless Old Woman lies...
45:02 - YOU WITCH! [insert a B instead of a W]
45:35 - HE'S BACK! Now, tell us EVERYTHING!!! NOW!!!
 - Mountains! 
49:31 - THAT'S OUR CECIL!!! Of course, he would do that!
52:32 - 
51:39 - The fandom explodes. 
51:51 - The word of the day is "Neat"
52:22 - "Only belongs to us." DID YOU TELL EACH OTHER YOU LOVED EACH OTHER?! DID YOU?! 
54:05 - "Stay tune next for a round of applause, followed by silence and departure."
54:26 - "Good night, Night Vale. Good night."
54:40 - Oh, I am so a fan of this. And I don't care!

DONE! Took nearly 2 hours to do this, but I don't care! Was weirdly fun! I hope you loved the show and mildly liked this/the gifs used! Oh, I haven't felt this emotional drained since episode 25: One Year Later (my fave episode of the show EVER!)
Anyway, normal book blogging will return soon. PROMISE! To, let's leave you with... goodnight, Internet. Goodnight...

PS - I NEED THIS TEE IN MY LIFE. *flutters eyelashes at any one who wants to pay P&P for me...* 
PPS - And this is why there MUST BE A NIGHTVALE TOUR IN THE UK!!! I will drop everything to go to a London/Essex event! PLEASE!!!! 

Monday, 14 April 2014

SMILE - Coffee And Bacon

If I ever get back into an office job, this sign is my first purchase for my desk!!!

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Friday, 11 April 2014

GoodRead - Adaptation

I was trying to do a NetGalley ban on myself. I seem to be one of those bloggers than requests books that sound interesting, then get surprised when I'm approved then I NEVER GET ROUND TO READING THEM! I know. I am a bad blogger. According to NetGalley, you should have a "Recommended Feedback to Approval Ratio is at least 80%". When I started reading this, mine was 28.1% (just check it now - 27.3%). Ooops!!!

I blame LukeLaneReads for reminding that this was on NetGalley! CURSE YOU!!! (If you want, go check his YouTube out. He always seems to know/discovers books that I go "Ooooh!" over.)

When birds start suddenly dying, causing flights to be grounded, Reese and David decide to drive back home. But when a bird flies into the car, Reese loses control and the car flips. Almost a month later, she and David wake up in a military hospital from their comas, and the doctors refuse to tell them what happens...

But that's only the start, when she gets home, Reese realises that something has changed within her. As she's trying to figure out what happened to her that can't be humanly possible, she finds herself torn between David, a longterm crush, and Amber, a whirlwind of a girl that crashed into her life.

But what is going on? And who can she trust?

Ok, I am going to admit this. This is one of those books that, when I first heard of it, I was hugely excited over. So to hear that Hodder Children's was publishing it in the UK, made me very happy. We don't have any bisexual characters in YA/New Adult so this would be a breath of fresh air. I mean, we always seem to have gay or lesbian characters but when it comes to the LGBT community, the rest seem to be ignored or they are the sidekicks or background character.

And it was. Up to a point. But more on this later.

I am going to be honest with you. I was a little disappointed over this book. There was good points to this, but there was several bad points. A mixed bag.

Ok, the good. I couldn't stop reading it. Even when I was frustrated with it, I had to know what was going to happen next. Malinda's writing made it effortless and I just kept clicking my kindle, wanting to know what happened next.

And the last 20-odd percentage made me read very late into the night!

But, this book isn't perfect. I have two real issues. Characters and genre.

With the three main characters (Reese, David and Amber), I never felt like I "clicked" or connected to them. These are our main leads so we should be rooting for them, but I felt very detached from them. Maybe this is Malinda's point because of what they went through, but still... I want to connect to these characters on some level.

My second issue was a huge problem and it's genre. The book couldn't decide what it wanted to be. Was it a sci-fi novel? Was it is a love triangle story? Was it a conspiracy theory story? It kept changing every other chapter. It only felt like Adaptation only figured it out in the last 20-odd percentage, but seeing as this is a duology (with an eNovella), I fear that it will fall back into this "What am I?".

Also, the twists in this book, I kinda saw coming. A few felt very obvious to me. I was expecting a lot of moments where I was genuinely shocked. Maybe I did have my expectations over this book too high...

While I'm not 100% certain if I will read the sequel, Inheritance, I am quite happy that, finally, there seems to be a book out there that has a bi love triangle and that YA readers are treated with respect over how it was written. We YA readers are smarter than most people give us credit for.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

GoodRead - Free Four

Dear readers,

If you are reading this review, please be warned that there will be a rant involved and it will NOT be aimed at the author (so Veronica Roth, if you are reading this, please don't worry. I love you very much and I hope you never stop writing!)

Ok, now I have that disclaimer out of the way, let's talk Free Four, shall we?

Free Four is an eNovella that tells the famous knife throwing scene in Divergent, but from Four's point of view. It's a short fast read and I really liked it. Like I said earlier on, I love Veronica's writing and it gives a new insight to Four, who we only really hear speak in Allegiant and we can all say that there were moments he wasn't himself...

Ok, now the ranty part. This is aimed SOLELY at the publishers. I have been watching this eNovella for quite a while as I do want to read this (Again, big Veronica Roth fan here!). It was first released on Veronica's Facebook as a thank you to all her fans (for free, by the way), then it was released as an eNovella for £1.99. The price then dropped for 49p and, when I downloaded this, Free Four was free (hence the title. Oh, the irony!). And, if I had bought this for either price, I would have been either very upset or very angry! The rest for this is because of this: the story was only 22%. It's not even a 1/4 of the download. 4% was the title page and author's note. 22% was the story. That leaves around 76% of the download which was the opening chapters of books one and two within the series: Divergent and Insurgent.

And most readers who will buy this eNovella would have ALREADY read either both stories or Divergent. I know I do turn round and say these eNovellas are great for people unsure over whether they want to read a series. But, with all the eNovellas being £1.99 and I heard that this trick is being used on this on each story...

Now you see why I warned you guys at the start of the review.

So, in short, really liked the story, really dislike the attitude from the publisher over how they could/would exploit fans for money...

Monday, 7 April 2014

SMILE - How I Wake Up

You have no idea how true this is for me...!

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Friday, 4 April 2014

GoodRead - Unlucky 13

As you guys know, I do like listening to audiobooks. It's a rare treat, but if I can, I would try. So, when Teresa from Midas PR asked if I fancied reviewing an audiobook on behalf of, I jumped at the chance and looking over her email, I saw the latest James Patterson and I picked that.

Now, as you might be aware, I have a weird love/hate relationship with James Patterson. Years ago, when 3rd Degree was first released, I bought it on impulse and devoured it! Then, I went on a small James Patterson reading binge. But then, I got half way through a book (I can't remember which. I know it wasn't Mary Mary. Was it Cross?), I suddenly realised that James Patterson was, basically, repeating the same plot over and over again. Plus have you seen how many co-authors he works with? I stopped and when I tried to him, I felt myself getting angry and force myself to stop reading. But I have always had a soft spot for the Women's Murder Club series. So when I saw that the latest, Unlucky 13, was up for review, I had to go for it. Give the series one try and because 13 is my lucky number.

Two bodies are discovered in a wrecked car on Golden Gate Bridge, Detective Lindsay Boxer knows it's isn't a simple car accident. But what she sees shocks her: both victims died of belly bombs. As Lindsay tries to make sense of these belly bombs and the scary threat that a belly bomber is on the loose, Lindsay gets a phone call from her police buddies with shocking news: former colleague turned mass murderer Mackie Morales has been seen. She's come out of hiding. As Women's Murder Club member, Cindy, does her crime reporter digging, she discovers that Mackie's on the move... she's heading their way, back to San Francisco... And it's not a social visit...

Now, like I said before, I have a weird relationship with James Patterson. So imagine my surprise when I started listening to this audiobook and I was gripped within a few chapters! A tiny part of me thinks it's because of the narrator, January LaVoy, who just made the story gripping. Was it the music and sound effects (yes,there was sound effects and they were used to heighten tensions)? Was it that I found a James Patterson that I just worked with or was it because it was a Women's Murder Club.

But I was on the edge of my seat with some of its tension. Barring one of the three storylines within this not exactly being needed (it really kicks off just over the halfway mark), the book gets tense within the last 2 hours! I had to listen to the last few hours in one day!

This might make me go back into the books of James Patterson, but I might stay within the realms of the Women's Murder Club (or the story where Mackie Morales first appears. I want to know more about her twisted back story). But this was a good thriller that might make me not look at a hamburger in the same way again...

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

GoodRead - The Course of True Love (And First Dates)

When Sean from Walker Books asked if I wanted to review this, I was very much in two minds. I have read two previous Bane Chronicles eNovellas in the past (What Really Happened in Peru? and The Runaway Queen) and I have come away with very mixed reactions to them both. But when Sean offered this, I did jump at the chance at it because it's Magnus and Alec's first date! Now, as a huge Malec shipper within the first Mortal Instruments trilogy (I haven't read books 4, 5 or soon to be released 6), all I could think of before I started reading this was "Please don't screw this up, Cassandra Clare."

Magnus and Alec is one of the fandom's favourite couples. But before they finally got together, they must have their first date. And things might not even get off the ground...

Out of the three Bane Chronicles stories that I have read, this is probably the best. But I think this is because this was written SOLELY by Cassandra Clare herself. It felt like I was finally reading the Magnus I fell in love with when I was reading the first three Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices. And it was so great to actually read the first date as I bet most Malec shippers were wondering about their first date...

My only real problem with this is that this did feel like a skim over the date. It wasn't rushed, which is something I'm pleased over, but I did wish that there was more detail.

I do think that I have been stung by the previous Bane Chronicles stories I have read - mainly What Really Happened In Peru? (I had real hatred for that one) - but I did like this story (yeah Malec!). Whether this means I will read the complete Bane Chronicles when it is published in book form later this year seems unlikely, but you never know... I think if I do read them all, maybe I will get use to the Magnus BEFORE the series!

PS - I do love this cover. Is that weird?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Things That Scare April!

HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!! How are we so far? Any pranks happen to you? Remember that it will only last the morning so hang on in there!

This is no prank, however. I am thrilled to be part of the Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea blog tour (thank you Hannah for including me!). Today, I shall be handing it over to April G. Tucholke, author of the book in question as she reveals the ten things that scare the heck out of her! I must thank April for revealing these to me and now, without any further ado, I shall hand you over to April!

(PS - before I go, I was going to add a pic of one of the scares, but I won't. That would be cruel. I have my moments, but I'm not a monster!)

Top Ten Things That Scare The Hell Out Of Me:

1. The coyotes I hear howling at night.

2. Abandoned houses.

3. Clowns. (Thanks, Stephen King’s It!)

4. Leeches.

5. Heights.

6. Swimming in the ocean.

7. Getting lost in a cave like Tom Sawyer

8. The concept of a “rat horde.”

9. Rustling cornfields at night.

10. Being (falsely) accused of murder.