About Me

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you.

My name is Andrew and I run the Pewter Wolf. The aim of the Pewter Wolf blog is to review books within (although not exclusively) the YA and New Adult age ranges. Also, I write fun, random blog post (also known as SMILE) and music-themed blog posts once every two months. With this, the blog is not only a book reviewing site but a "Smile Blog".

While I write this blog, I have also written guest posts for several other blogs, podcasts and vlog channels and attended (by pure fluke!) the movie set for Vampire Academy movie and reported on the red carpet for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire world premiere, both of these were for Fangirlish.com.

In early 2015, I won the Blogger's Blogger Award in the UKYA Blogger Awards, and shortlisted in two other categories, Champion of Social Media and Champion of Diversity in YA.

I hope you enjoy this blog - a blog that, I hope, doesn't take itself too seriously. Imagine this as a friend who wants to makes you smile, laugh and get excited over books - good or bad...

EDIT: I have (sercetly) published a collection of short stories entitled THE PERFECT DAY on Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com