Review Policy

If you wish to contact me, please email me at pewterwolf [at] googlemail [dot] com

Currently I review the books I buy myself and some books that I have been sent (competitions and from other bloggers), but am more than happy to accept books to review from publishers or directly from authors. Currently I only take books from the following:

- Teen/YA fiction: YA - Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Crime/Thriller, Debut Novels, LGBTQIA, Diversity, and other genres within reason.
- Limited Adult Fiction: Mostly crime/thriller, fantasy, LGBTQIA.

I will consider accepting audiobooks and eBooks for Kindle but I do ask you to please email me with details so I can confirm if this is okay to be sent to me.

EDIT: I am only consider books and eBooks from publishers that I have communications with, due to the amount of books on my To Be Read Shelves and on my eReader. Sorry, but this will be until further notice.

Basically, I want to read stories that excite me and that I can have fun reading!

However, if you have a book that isn't within these genres, email me with details of the book/audiobook/eBook in question and I will happily research and will try to reply back to you.

I can not 100% guarantee that I'll review every book I am sent. Because of this, I will try and read books that excite me and my interests. Due to the amount of books I have on my To Be Read shelves and my speed of reading, if the book in question doesn't grab me and hold my attention within the first 50 pages, I sadly won't continue to read the book. I'd rather not review a book that doesn't hold my attention then give it a bad review. If this does happen, I will try to send it on to another blogger who I hope will like the book, donate to my local library or give to a local charity - share the book love one way or another!

I will try to read your book in a timely manner and publish my review here, Goodreads and BookBridgr. I am happy to post my review as soon as I read it or nearer to the day the book is published. As I do work full time, if you have a specific date you need a book reviewed by, let me know in advance. I am also happy to do author features, interviews and giveaways. With these and reviews, I will tweet them and link it to the author &/or publisher.

Any queries, please email me and I will try and reply as quickly as I can.