Friday 7 February 2014

GoodRead - Throne of Glass

For some reason, everyone has suddenly seemed to be talking about this book in the BookTube community and after buying this and its sequel, Crown of Midnight, I decide to try this out and see what the fuss was about.

Celaene Sardothien was once one of the most feared assassins. But then she got caught and is serving a lifelong jail sentence down a saltmine. But one year in, she was made an offer by the Crown Prince. Be his Champion in a contest set up by his father, the King. If she can bet the other 23 champions, she will be the King's Champion and, within 4 years, she will have her freedom.

While she is at the castle made of glass, she will discover that there is an evil in the castle. An evil that is willing the kill the other champions. But evil wears many faces... And in the world where magic is outlawed and is gone from the world, is the evil man or something darker...

*takes a deep breath* Right, I want to make something clear here. This blog and all the reviews here are of my opinion. I feel like I have to stress this every now and then because I'm scared that how I write my reviews will be read one way when actually, it should be read another.

Ok, my thoughts on this. I think I'm in a state of book-grief because of These Broken Stars (and before that, Allegiant) so I feel like I might be a little harsh on this.

But am torn over this. After having problems with the first 20%, I slowly began to enjoy it. While I didn't love it, it was a nice read to past the time.

And yet, while I did like reading this, I found this book very frustrating! And because I kept getting frustrated with the characters (mainly Celaene who is so brilliant [aka she suffers from, what I call, the "Kay Scarpetta Syndrome", where the main character is perfect in nearly every way and it's annoying as hell]), there were times I felt reading this was hard work.

I know book 2 in the series is much better than the first - I have seen all you guys reviews and I trust you guys (and I got both books in the series in a Kindle Sale - 99p each!) and I am going to read Crown on Midnight sometime before the third book in the series, Heir of Fire (you can't fault these titles!) or the eNovellas collection, The Assassin's Blade.

But this book sits on the fence for me. Sorry guys for being vague on this review...

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  1. I quite liked this book, but everyone is right. Crown of Midnight is better!