Tuesday 17 March 2015

GoodRead - The Fisherman's Net

I had fallen into a bit of a reading slump in the past few weeks. I have picked up several books and then always put them down again. I just can't seem to click with anything. So, out of sheer "what the heck", I looked for something short to read. Something that could kick start my reading again.

And this is what I picked.

In this, The Fisherman's Net is a fable set in the world of Laura Lam's Pantomime. In this fable, a fisherman buys a trinket in the market. It is only several days later that he realises its true wealth and soon, he becomes a wealth fisherman. One day, he catches something that shouldn't exist. Something that begs to be released. Something he's not sure he can let go...

Ok, I love Laura Lam's Pantomime and I have every intention to read Shadowplay (which is sitting angrily on my kindle) so reading the second short within the Vestigial Tales, I knew, was more for world building.

And this was world building short. It is a fable parents tell their children. Even though, at the start of the story, it warns us that every person that reads it comes away with a different morale, which I found huge intriguing. If anyone else read this, could you let me know what you thought the story's morale was. I would love to compare.

It is short, which is ok. It is a fable (notice that this word is being repeated a lot in the post) so they should be short. But for some reason, I wish it was a tad longer (yet I have seen reviews that say it was the perfect length). I think it's because quite close to the end, it introduces a character that intrigues me greatly. Maybe if I ask nicely, Laura might write something about this character/creature on her blog...

While this isn't necessary story to read with the Micah Gray series, it's was a nice addition, which you guys could probably read within 10 minutes (I took longer - reading slump). I think this has got me a little more excited over reading Shadowplay and the Vestigial Tale that is on my kindle, The Card Sharp (don't own the third story, The Tarot Reader, as this has a character that is introduced within Shadowplay and I don't want to read that till after Shadowplay).

PS - sorry if this review isn't as helpful compared to my others, my reading slump has kinda knocked my reading/reviewing out of me. Which sucks. But I will get back into the swing of things. Just you watch me...!

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