Friday 22 July 2016

NetGalley Declined Requests - REVEALED (Again)

Am I the only book blogger out there who, when he gets declined a read on NetGalley (that VERY dangerous website for TBRs and eReaders everywhere!), I get a little excited/relieved? Just me? Ok, can live with that!

So, early last year, I wrote a tiny blog post about stories that I requested on NetGalley and I was declined over for one reason or another (and I went "YES! THANK YOU!!!" for one reason or another - mainly location). The reason I wrote it was because I wanted to show you guys that there are other books out there! Other books that I really want to read but can't for one reason or another (plus, am awful with NetGalley. The amount of books I get approved for then forget to read [hence that horrible "I'm sorry for not reading this in time, please don't hate me!" message I send to publishers]).

So, am going to show you a few more (because am in the mood to blog and this seems to be the thing I wanna blog about in this BLOODY AWFUL HEAT!!!) and, quick note to NetGalley or publishers on NetGalley, if you see my name, you can decline me. I will be ok with you if you do!

So, let's get started...!

BLONDE HAIR, BLUE EYES by Karin Slaughter
(Cornerstone/Random House - Goodreads Link)
As you guys know, I like dipping in and out of crime. When I get that itch to read a bloody murder, that itch is strong. So, this seems like a natural choice, don't you think? Expect... I have a bit of a weird relationship with Karin Slaughter and her writing. I audiobooked Kisscut and really enjoyed myself with it. It was crime and it was dark & didn't end all happily ever after (in the ye old days of 2011, every time I read crime, it ended with good conquering evil so this was a shock/refresh!) so I attacked to novellas - The Unremarkable Heart and Thorn in My Side - and they were just ok. So, while I was in two minds over this, I wanted to give Karin one more chance. I still do - but alas, not meant to be...

(Penguin US - Goodreads Link)
Do you guys remember that US TV show, Revenge? No? It was a modern day reimagining of The Count of Monte Cristo but with female leads and a very soap opera feel to it. It's addictive viewing. So when I saw this on NetGalley, I knew I had to at least try to see if I could read it. A story about revenge and with this sounding just as addictive as the TV show, I was sold. I got declined but am investigating this as I need a fun, addictive, slightly insane read!

(Disney Book Group - Goodreads Link)
I dip in and out of the TV show Once Upon A Time. I do like watching it and I know my limits as I know if I start watching it, I would lost days (and I know my Other Half will hate the show!). One of my fave character's is Ruby. I really like Ruby and, when I requested this, I was excited to know more about her. It might not be the read fans of the show wanted to read, but I thought it would be a fun retelling (though, I prefer the story from season 5 where Ruby falls in love with Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Shame it was in one episode and in another land. Would be great if we saw this relationship grow and develop throughout the season, rather than rushed into one episode...)

HALF LIES by Sally Green
(Penguin - Goodreads Link)
Yes, I know. I know I bought this and yes, I know I reviewed it already (ta-dah!). But I got declined from NetGalley and I was... er... not happy. I had just read Half Bad & Half Wild, I think, and I was desperate to read more from this world. I fell for this series hard. So not getting this made me very upset. But as soon as I could, I preordered it and waited...

(Riptide Publishing - Goodreads Link)
NetGalley is one of those weird places where I like to take little risks in my reading. As a book blogger, I sometimes think we should push ourselves to try new things. If we don't try new things, how will we know if we like them or not? So, when this caught my eye, I impulsively requested it. No idea why. I saw the words "Christmas Eve wedding" and went for it. I'm pretty certain that, if I was approved, I would have read it and not been a fan. But, like I said, if you don't try new things, how will you know if you like them or not?

(Soho Press - Goodreads Link)
This was one of those books I kept hearing about. It's YA LGBT with a twist on Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Ok, that sounds interesting. And different. Something new for me to try. And I thought that if I didn't like it, at least I can get discussions started with this book. I got declined for this book (US only - oh well!) but I saw a copy in Foyles so I got a hardback waiting on my TBR...

LEGACY OF KINGS by Eleanor Herman
(Harlequin Teen - Goodreads Link
Last one - honest! And TECHNICALLY, this is still a "Currently Pending" but it's been nearly a year so am pretty sure this is a decline. Oh well. But this book was a mix of genres I either love or want to read more about. Magic? Check! History? Check! Mythology? Check! And with so many people I follow on Twitter read and raving, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I still do, so one day... one day...

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