Friday 28 October 2016

Book Review - Library Lion

I got this in New York Public Library (along with an awesome T-shirt which I might wear for Bookish Brits). Of course I had to get a book while in New York! And of course I had to get this when in New York Public Library's Shop. THEIR MASCOT IS A LION!!! BOOKLIONS FOR THE WIN!!!

In this picture book, a lion comes to the library. There are no rules of what to do when a lion comes to library and stays for story hour. And Miss Merriweather is very particular about rules. Soon, he comes back day after day. And he becomes perfectly suited for the library. His paws are quiet on the floor, he's very helpful and he never roars in the library - at least, not any more.

But when something awful happens, the lion helps the only way he knows how. Is there ever a good reason to break the rules?

Utterly charming. This book is utterly charming and I adore it! How have I not thrust this into my nephews's and other young children's hands, I have no idea.

The illustrations within this story - done by Kevin Hawkes - are simple yet lovely and work beautiful with the story - written by Michelle Knudsen. The two work beautifully together to show the importance of friendship, libraries and rules.

This reminded me of The Tiger Who Came To Tea. I can't say why, but it does. Library Lion is simply enchanting and an instant classic.

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