Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The 5 W’s Book Tag

Ok, I stole this from Justine from I Should Read That and You’re Never Going to Read This (Of course I have! I don’t tagged that often and when I do, I usually forget I’m tagged and, by the time I realised that I have, it’s too late!) and I THINK (if I backtracked far enough) that this tag was created by Shyla at Words and Stitches! So, let’s get the crazy book party started!!!

Oh, if any of you guys want to do this (as am not going to tag anyone), DO IT! Was weirdly fun and calming (I did this after doing a stupid decision of checking the blog viewer statics and wanted to cry over how low it was! WHY, YOU STUPID HUMAN, WHY!?) 

WHO? - Who is an author you’d love to have a one-one-one with? 
Too many authors to name! I don’t want to say JK Rowling, as she is my go-to answer. I would love to sit down with her and question her about the Harry Potter books (not Fantastic Beasts movies, though - as Crimes of Grindwald left a bitter taste in my soul). My other go-to answer is Garth Nix and I would demand answers about his Old Kingdom and Keys to the Kingdom series. I love Sabriel and all I would ask is “Will there be another book set in the Old Kingdom?” I am very tempted to say Stephenie Meyer as well. 

WHAT? - What genre or style do you most gravitate to? 
I feel the most comfortable in YA, but that’s not a genre, but an age range (it’s weird that we’re still having this discussion on what YA and NA is. I’m still not 100% certain what New Adult is. Answers on a postcard please). My gut reaction to this question is fantasy and crime/thrillers. These two are the genres I always go towards in bookshops and online. I feel quite comfortable and happy with them. I do read other genres - contemporary, sci-fi (I should read more sci-fi, if am honest with self but I can’t do high sci-fi. I get a tad overwhelmed), historical fiction - but I always go towards fantasy and crime.

WHERE? - Where do you prefer to read? 
Anywhere where I can snuggle and get cosy. Usually, it’s either on my sofa in my fluffy dressing gown or in bed. Though, anywhere where I don’t have to stress or worry is wonderful. I read on holiday earlier this year - in Cyprus by the pool - and it was just wonderful to read and not be watching the clock or worrying about work or money or the blog. It was bliss. 

WHEN? - What time of the day do you prefer to read? 
Normally, I can read anywhere and at any time. But realistically, that can’t happen. Work full time and there’s so many books to read and only a handful of snatched moments to read so, if I can read before I go to bed, fantastic. But, normally, it’s mostly on days when am not working or five/ten minutes before I go to work (which is a pain as I usually am about to find my reading stride, then I have to drive myself in!).

WHY? - Why is your favourite book your favourite book? 
Not sure I can pinpoint my fave books - Harry Potter, Sabriel, His Dark Materials - but it’s usually the feeling I get while reading this. That sense of joy! No matter what mood I am, I can read one fo them and it will always make me happy and I always discover something I have missed in my many rereads! 

BONUS! - How do you go about selecting what you’ll read next? 
Mood. It sucks, but I am a total mood reader. I usually go towards something that has something I want to read. But I usually have an idea what my next book is going to be. Am usually a book ahead of myself. 

But this month and next month, I have a strict list of stories to read/audiobook as I have a few deadlines so I want to make myself up straight. Not promising that will hit these deadlines, but am going to try… 

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