Wednesday 11 May 2011

GoodRead - Die For Me

I tried to go through notes from the Atom Book Book Bloggers Event last year to see what I wrote about this book. Couldn't find any. Whether it was because it wasn't mentioned to us or I didn't take notes, I have no idea. But I got this book and, because I got excited over this book in the past month or so, I sat down and forced myself not to read-in-one-go (managed to spread it over in over a week.)

After the terrible deaths of her parents, Kate and her sister, Georgia, moves from the USA to Paris to live with their grandparents in the hope it will help them cope. In a city that is beautiful and she comes visit every year with her parents, Kate doesn't seem to cope. But then she meets Vincent, a guy who seems to not care about her one day and then sweeps her off her feet the next. Now, Kate thinks there's something dangerous about him and when she and Georgia sees him dive into the river Siene after a girl trying to commit suicide followed by men swordfighing just under the bridge, Kate knows it. But who exactly is Vincent? Someone she should run away from him or towards him?

Kate's heart is already fragile, and one false move could shatter it back into a million pieces. But how far will she go for the truth? How far will she go for love?

Now, I am going to say something that might upset some of you: this series is the next Twilight Saga. Or, as Mundie Moms tweeted me (and I agree with them), this book is BETTER than Twilight!

*watches the Die-Hard Twilight Fans gasp and faint with shock*

Now, before all you Twifans freak out and hunt me down with flaming torches, just hear me out. I just adore this book, because there is something Twilight about it and, yes, I am a bit of a romantic at heart. So yes, I was going "Kiss him, Kate! KISS HIM!".

But this book is more than a simple love story. It tackles the issue of grief and death and Amy Plum handles these subjects with gentleness. As someone who lose his father a few years ago, I remember and instantly related to Kate's situation.

Also, I found the idea behind Revenants so interesting. Zombies that aren't zombies but guardian angels made this book different to vampires and werwolves that is invading the YA bookshelves.

And, before I go anyway, Paris. I LOVE that Paris was used a backdrop of this story. I've never been to Paris (the closest I've ever been to Paris was Disneyland), but Amy made Paris sound beautiful, sexy, elegant but mysterious and magical. I WANT TO GO TO PARIS!!!

Am saying nothing more about it (for more info, you have to go to Amy's website or read the reviews from Mundie Moms & Book Angel's Booktopia) but am going to say this. Die For Me is the next Twilight and I can not wait to read Until I Die!


And now, the music part of the review. There was about 2 that I feel confident in showing and the other three are random last minute choices. Like someone said before, my music tastes are a bit "out of the box". ENJOY! (PS - I'm sorry for the Sophie Ellis-Bextor overload!)


  1. Great review and I agree, this is the next Twilight and I should have phrased it that way in our tweets. LOL

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