Tuesday 27 September 2011

GoodRead - The Name Of The Star

I love Maureen Johnson on Twitter. I feel I have to say that. I have no idea how I started following Maureen on Twitter but her tweets always make me smile and laugh. So, when I found out that HarperCollins UK was going to publish The Name of The Star, the first book in a trilogy called Shades of London (just discovered this is a trilogy!) and, after begging and basically kicking up a huge fuss that other bloggers got their hands on this and I hadn't (basically, I wanted to read a Maureen Johnson book [my First, FYI!] and I was not going to wait!), but the lovely Tiffany from HarperCollins saw my begging and offered to send me a copy.

The Name of the Star is about Rory, an American teen who moves from Louisiana to a London boarding school (this is because her parents - two professors - are going to get settled in a Bristol university), only for a Jack The Ripper copycat-killer to start killing. "Rippermania" takes over the city as the people of London know the dates, places and times of the murders. And the Police has no leads, no witnesses... expect Rory saw someone that no-one else can see.

If the ghost of Jack the Ripper doing these murders? And how will he be stopped?

Now, this is my first Maureen Johnson book but I really liked it. Am quite close to loving it, actually. It was dark and twisted thriller, which took me into the midnight hour and then, scaring me a little so when I stopped and went to bed, it was kinda creepy when I had to rush for the bathroom. So, don't read this late in the night.

The only thing that bothered me was the first few chapters. After a chilling prologue and we are first Rory, the first few chapters just seem a bit slow. But after chapter 8 or 9, things really go up a gear and get quite creepy! So, with the first few chapters, STICK WITH IT! It explains everything when you get to the end and it's one of those "Oooh!" moments!

Now, this is a trilogy and I am quite pleased that there's more! I hope the next Shades of London is just as dark and creepy as Name of the Star! MORE, PLEASE!

Now, here's the book trailer, Maureen to explain the book more and some random songs that I listened to while reading...


  1. I love the dry humour in it so far. You know it is going to be a dark story yet I am cracking up at Rory.

  2. I started following Maureen Johnson awhile back when I'd only read one book by her, but just because she was hilarious- I only remembered later that I'd read something by her before. I recently read The Last Little Blue Envelope and it just seems her humor and writing skills are improving with each book. I can't wait to get my hands on this book either! I like that she's trying something new, and I love a good thriller.

  3. This is a thriller and it's a chiller at the same time, Kate. Don't read this late one night.

    And yes, her humour is dry, isn't it Vivienne? I like dry and dark humour so this suited me to the ground!