Thursday 7 June 2012

GoodRead - Witch Eyes

I have no idea how I came across this book. It was either Emma from Book Angel Booktopia or Vivienne from Serendipity Review. I read the synopsis on their blog and instantly bought it on my kindle. Then it took... er... several months to actually get round to reading it.

So, the story. Braden is a witch with the power to see the world as it truly is with his witch eyes. To see explosions of colours, of memories, and of spells. But with his witch eyes, he must pay a high price. When he sees a vision that puts his uncle in danger, Braden runs away to Belle Dam to protect him. Only to find himself in the middle of feud between two warring witch dynasties. But as the two heads of the families, Catherine Lansing and Jason Thorpe, are try desperately to use Braden's powers, Braden decides that he won't be pawn in their war.

But Belle Dam has secrets, lies and not everyone's motives are as clear cut as their first seem. Braden better watch his step...

I have a crush on the lead, Braden. I do! I want him to be my Fictional Boyfriend/Husband (so to all my blogger pals, BACK OFF!). He was just a character I instant connected with and rooted on. And when you fall in love with the lead of a novel as fast as I did (within the first few chapters), you know you're going to love the book. And to get that feeling is very rare for me...

As I stated in a earlier paragraph, not everything is a clear cut as their first seem. So, when you read this, you must keep that in mind as, often, the rug will be pulled out from under you. So, you have to hold on to your hats.

Now, this book isn't perfect. Let me say this now before I go "Oh, Braden! He's a dream-boat!". First, the love interest, Trey. I have real trouble trying to figure him out and to understand why Braden has fallen for him. He kept changing. One moment, he was a nice guy. The next, he was a mindless soldier. It was impossible for me to warm to him. The second was the twists. There were several, but two were revealed in the synopsis. WHY?! Why did the publisher do that?!

I wish I read Witch Eyes sooner. And I can't wait till October for the sequel, Demon Eyes (have you seen the cover?!) is released. Not sure how I can cope till then, but there's a prequel, Homecoming, that I plan to read in the coming months...


  1. I think it might have been me as I read it for Witch Week last year. I loved it!

    1. I knew it was one of you but I couldn't remember if you commented on Emma's post or if she posted on yours!

      But thank you! I loved this book so I hold you responsible!

  2. I got hold of the second one from Netgalley... I think it's still up!
    Twists in summaries are so annoying... I think I'll like this. A lot. Thanks for the review"

    1. I still don't know what Netgallery is! And all the awesome books seem to live there!!! I NEED THE SEQUEL!!!

      I think everyone who read this book said the blurb ruined the two main twists!

    2. Essentially, you go on it, and request the book. If they say yes (normally if you've been blogging for six months and have good readership, which you do), then you can download a copy of the book to your kindle. Then you should provide a review. And then go request some more books.