Thursday 19 July 2012

GoodRead - Harry Potter: Page to Screen

I treated myself to this BEAST of a book during the Christmas Sale (I had a Waterstones giftcard and Amazon Kindle voucher and yet, this isn't a ebook [thank Goodness - will explain in a bit] and no Waterstones I went to had it in stock. Expect for WHSmiths who had one hidden away in the back so, to that WHSmiths, THANK YOU!] and have been reading it slowly for the past 6 months.

I wasn't going to rush this! And this book needs your time and full attention!

This book details the filming of the Harry Potter movies. Not just talking about the movies themselves but the making of them. The actors, producers, directors, but most of the crew talk openly and frankly about making the movies and the effect the movies had on their lives. Showing concept art, never-seen-before photos and showing how the magic was done, this is really a film buff's book.

I LOVED this book! Of course, I was going to love it. I'M A HARRY POTTER NUT! And I adore the books and movies (maybe not the early movies which my other half is making me watch...), and I always find the "This Is How We Make" stuff quite interesting (I treated myself to The Art of the Avengers... Tiny heads-up).

I'm a geek. I admit it.

Now, the book is split into three parts. The Making of Harry Potter (which talks about in depth about the films and how they were made, which had funny and, often, emotional information like 9/11 and Richard Harris's death), The Art Of Harry Potter (this is why it's not on kindle. The amount of detail in concept art, photographs and notes is high and your eReader won't do it justice) and the Epilogue (am saying nothing about this...).

But, oh! This book was wonderful! *hugs the tomb of a book close to my chest* If not for anything, then for the exercise (weight-lifting) it has done to my arms!

I think if you are a fan of the Harry Potter movies are just a film buff (and if you can find this book - it was a nightmare to find my copy!), get it! Will show some images... enjoy!


  1. I so want to buy a copy of this - I'm glad it's as good as it sounds :)

  2. Just picked up a copy at Costco MK - they had LOADS so head down there quick...

  3. I love the sound of this one. I really want a copy but there are hardly any in stock anywhere! Im glad you enjoyed it though and I think I'd probably take around six months reading it too!