Tuesday, 5 April 2016

eNovella Review - The Crown and the Arrow

Ok, I only downloaded and read this eNovella because of two reasons. The first was that it's a prequel to The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh and I keep seeing this book online and people gushing over it. Plus, it sounds like something I think I would enjoy so decided to take the plunge and try this out.

The second was it's free. What better way to figure out if you are going to like a book series than trying out a prequel novella that is free?!

Seventy one days and nights have passed. Seventy one brides that Khalid has had killed. This dawn marks the arrival of Khalid's seventy second bride. But this bride is different. Not only did this bride volunteered but, when they first meet, Khalid is shocked by the look of hatred that he receives from his new bride...

Why does she hate him so much? And why isn't she afraid of dying, when everyone knows that she will be dead by next sunrise? Khalid has never entered his wife's chamber before... tonight is going to be different...

Ok, am going to say it. THIS IS VERY SHORT! I read it within 10 to 20 minutes, it's that short. Yes, I know it's free and I shouldn't complain but its length surprised me.

Plus, the eNovella is basically what you have read above, taken from Khalid's point of view. This is a scene from The Wrath and the Dawn, told not from the main character but from someone else in the room. If you have read the book, this would be very interesting for you.

But, if you haven't, as such as myself, it might come across confusing. All the questions asked weren't answered (because they are answered in the main story and the main character that this eNovella is told from knows all the answers already, but hate them so never reference/explain himself), and there were little hints. But it's very open ended. Like I said before, this is a scene from The Wrath and the Dawn, told from other character's point of view.

However, this does intrigue me. I liked the writing style and I am curious over why Khalid takes a bride, only to have them killed a few hours later.

I know this duology doesn't have a UK publisher, to my knowledge, but if I see The Wrath and the Dawn in bookshops, I might pick it up and find out more. Might being the word here. I'm not completely sold on it as of yet, so I await book bloggers/vloggers I trust opinions on it before I go any further...

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  1. I'm hoping to pick The Wrath and the Dawn up soon, so I'll let you know what I think. :)