Monday 11 April 2016

#re3 - Mister Monday

This is going to be my last bookish post before my two week break and my themed month. And, of course, it's a reread.

Although, not really. I was reading something else. But, I got a good 150 pages in and I wasn't feeling it. Sometimes, you just don't click with a book at that moment. And I didn't click reading that book - though I do have plans to return to reading it in the future once everything has calmed a little down.

I had an itch to read Garth Nix. I was thinking of rereading books from his Old Kingdom series, to get myself ready for Goldenhand, out later this year. But after reading the prologue of Lirael, I changed my mind. Not sure why, but I picked up Mister Monday instead. I always had an itch to reread this series (though I have never read Drowned Wednesday).

On the first day, Arthur was meant to die of an asthma attack. Instead, Mister Monday and Sneezer appeared and changed all that. Now, Arthur can see a House that no one can see. Now, there are dog-faced men trying to catch him, trying to steal something Mister Monday gave to Arthur to protect himself from the Will, whatever that is.

Seven days. Seven keys. Seven sins. Seven virtues. One House. But is Arthur up to saving the House, but the his world as well...?

It's been a while since I had read this series, so I was going to back with a vague memory of this book. Not a complete memory, but I wasn't working in blind. But there were things in this that I read a went "Oh yeah! I forgot about you!"

This series is older middle-grade so it's very different from the Old Kingdom which is very much older YA. So little scenes that would be more graphic was much simpler (not a bad thing, mind). Plus, while I would class this as fantasy, it's a mix of genres - steampunk, for example, is dotted here and there.

And I forgot how nuts this series is. It really is mad on fantasy and magic. And this is book one. We get use to this as the series goes on, but in this first book, it's a little shocking and, for poor Arthur (and for us), overwhelming.

But I missed this world. I forgot how much I enjoy this! And I feel the itch to continue rereading this series. So, after my themed month is done and dusted, looks like am going to reread two series for the rest of the year. Brace yourselves, dear reader. It's going to be one weird ride!

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