Thursday 16 June 2016

TommyVCancer - Target: Nobody

So, today is my day on TommyVCancer tour, and here, we are trying to kick cancer arse (the first and probably last time you hear me type that word. I don't like swearing on my blog, but with cancer, I'll make a exception...)

So, today, I am here to talk to you about Fangs: Vampire Spy. Well, not the series as a whole, but Target: Nobody.

In Target: Nobody, super agent Fangs Enigma and sidekick, Puppy Brown, are on the case when, at an award ceremony, MP1's (that's Monster's Protection, 1st Division) Professor Hubert Cubit (or Cube... well, what else do you call someone with an actual cube head?) is kidnapped. Throw in Fangs's dad, Claret Enigma, skeleton hencemen, an angry ghost, an actual cat and mouse spy team and the world's fastest hamsters, will our duo save the day in the nick of time...?

Now, am going to admit this, it was the words "world's fastest hamsters" that made me grab this book . No idea why, but that was what sold this book for me. And until I got my copy and started reading, I had no idea this was the fourth book in this series... oooops! 

But this was such fun! I had such a blast reading it! Every time I picked it up, I couldn't help smiling - it was that entertaining! Perfect for middle grade readers as it poked fun at James Bond with all the spying and the sassy one liners and comedy horror - Sorry, but a ghost needing hamsters for his evil plot! 

A fun, very entertaining read - can't wait to investigate the series further!


ACTUALLY, while you are still here, I wanna chat to you about something. As part of this tour, a bunch of super lovely people (publishers, authors, bloggers, agents, etc) are donating some super awesome stuff to help this tour. This tour is to help Tommy and his family while he fights cancer and best way you can do that is either buy/read one of his books/series or donating directly. 

Or, you can enter this. A bunch of bloggers are doing competitions (myself include) and each contest is for a special prize. This contest is for a middle grade mystery pack from Harper Collins. 

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