Sunday, 1 April 2012

Once Upon a Time Tweet-A-Long

Yesterday, I told you guys that I will watch Once Upon A Time's first ever episode on Channel 5 and I will be tweeting as it go. I warned you that it won't be good, so you have been warned... and here it is. Enjoy (or laugh)!

1h - "Sorry I'm late." I'm here now! So Once Upon A Time time/tweetalong
1h - CGI on the vanishing act! And now, present day USA. Where are we going, @onceon5?
1h - What an interesting way to get to know Emma Swann. A blind date! [Edit: well, a job but still...]
1h - Oh, this is me playing catch up on my Once Upon a Time tweetalong. So, BEAR WITH!
1h - "I'm your son." WTF?!
1h - This kid knows too much. Not normal for a 10 year old. And she's having a panic attack. So much for a badass bounty hunter...
1h - Storybrooke, Maine. I know Maine is famous for its lobster. And Jessica Fletcher. Oh God, the body count!!
1h - "Let me talk to ... him." worried much?
1h - "For our child." I never thought Snow had a child. I imagined her as a teenager.
1h - "Because you're in this book." Be worried, Emma...
1h - Is Charming the Prince's first name or his surname? Anyone know?
1h - Time is a prison. It's sounds like Sapphire and Steel.
1h - "No more happy endings..."
1h - On it's 28th birthday... and how old is Emma?
1h - Oh. Not good. NOT GOOD!
1h - So, ladies & gentlemen. How is @onceon5 for you?
1h - And the first ad for @onceon5 is MIRROR MIRROR. Why am I not surprised?
57m - Now I think of it, the MIRROR MIRROR advert had music from @MarinasDiamonds... Me like!
57m - And we're back! Part two of four for @onceon5 Pilot episode. So... where were we?
56m - "Time's frozen here." Or the clock's broken??
54m - And which fairytale are you, Archie?
54m - His shrink? And Jiminy Cricket? Pardon?
53m - I knew there was a catch with this tree
52m - Apple cider? NO! DON'T DRINK THE CIDER!!!!
51m - OH! OH! She's the QUEEN! BADDIE ALERT!
51m - And who's the sheriff meant to be?
51m - AWKWARD!
50m - I love Emma's car. Does that make me weird?
49m - This show is different to how I thought it would be.
48m - "What's 28 years when you have eternal love?" awww! [Edit: or vomit. depending on you.]
48m - Ding dong the witch is... not dead! NOT DEAD!
48m - Who fancies a curse today?
44m - I wonder how many of you lot are wondering what the hell is happening to my twitter feed... blame @onceon5!
42m - Oh! A mix of characters. Fairy tales and real.
41m - Oh, this feels like the Disney film. And she has a pear...
40m - And Emma gets a warm welcome...
39m - "What do you think stories are for?" ... "A way to deal with our world." I love these lines!
39m - I like this May more and more...
38m - And now they make the connection...
37m - And with Emma giving up Henry, history repeated itself with Snow and Charming...
36m - Just thought. We've seen Snow... so where's Prince Charming in real life?
35m - There is NO WAY he can be dead! NO WAY! ... right?
32m - Am saying nothing about David Tennant advertising Virgin Media's TiVo. But the thoughts that are running through my head...
31m - Fourth and final part of @onceon5. And we have a mock castle. Will the wolf huff and puff and blow Henry's life down?
28m - Hasn't Snow gone through enough?!
28m - True love doesn't break this curse this time...
27m - "Somewhere horrible..." Are you saying Maine is horrible? Good work @onceon5...
26m - Regina is acting like any mother is at the moment...
25m - "I will destroy you if it's the last thing I do..." Oh, repeat and repeat again.
25m - Mirror Mirror, On The Wall...
24m - Hello again May. AND THERE HE IS! PRINCE CHARMING... in a coma? What kind of fairy tale is this show?!
23m - And are they Little Red and Grandma?
23m - Creep alert for Mr Gold!
22m - "Welcome to Storybrooke."
22m - oh! is that it? Is it over? BUT I WANT MORE!!! @onceon5, PUT MORE EPISODES ON NOW!

So, my tweetalong for Once Upon A Time wasn't that great. But I think I will like this show A LOT!


  1. lol, it sounds like you enjoyed it! I love the show, can't wait for you to get all caught up!

  2. Have it skyplussed - am going to wait til I have a few then have a catch up fest on the sofa on bmy own with popcorn, and blanket and maybe a cat to stop me getting scared!