Saturday, 18 August 2012

"What If, In Ambridge..."

As you guys are probably aware (if you follow me on Twitter) that, over the past few months, I have become a bit of a fan of BBC Radio 4's The Archers and its spin-off, Ambridge Extra (on BBC Radio 4 Extra). And I was going to write this and post it tomorrow, but as it's my Blog-Birthday tomorrow (with a small thank you note and a random pic), I thought I would post it up now.

As someone who watches TV shows, films and listen to radio dramas and goes "What if this storyline went in a different direction? What if...?". This is probably one of the reasons why I like writing. I like to take a story and TWIST it!

So, my dear readers, I was wondering a question: if you were asked to create one storyline for The Archers, what would you do?

Now, this is nothing to do with the BBC and is purely for my entrainment, so you can go as INSANE or as SENSIBLE as you like.

As it's set in the countryside, would you write a storyline that tackle an issue about farming or community? Would you write a character back (HARRY! And Grant! Ahhh!)? Would you write a character out of the show?

Or, would you write a completely off-the-wall? Mine, I fear, would come under this as Ambridge would come under a zombie attack and Lynda Snell would be crowned Queen of the Zombie Llamas because, as we all know, llamas are the only creatures alive that can defeat a zombie! That and narwhals, but we won't go there, shall we?

So, my dear readers, LET YOUR IMAGINATIONS GO WILD (or sane) AS YOU LIKE! Not just on The Archers but on anything you fancy! Just leave a comment and (if there's a good amount of comments so this depends on you) the best few will be typed up into a special post...

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  1. Murder mystery (or just a tonne of murders) with a lot of gore. Those things are fun. And farming tools make great weapons.