Tuesday 9 April 2013

GoodRead - The Art Of Finding Nemo

As you guys are probably aware, I adore Pixar movies. I own most of them and seen all bar two of them (I know, I fail but SOON!!!). Two of my fave Disney Pixar movies are Up (I sob every time I watch it. I'm not ashamed to admit that!) and, one of my favorite movies EVER, Finding Nemo. And, in the past few months/years, I seem to be have a thing for The Art of books on how a movie is made. I did try to buy The Art of Rise of the Guardians (a Dreamworks movie, and no, I haven't seen it yet!) but when Amazon screwed up my order, I cancelled it and saw this for second-hand so I HAD to have it. I had to. There was no thinking it over. I bought it within a few minutes of seeing it (I had to find my credit card).

So, The Art of Finding Nemo. It's exactly what the title states. With a foreword from John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton (the main two of Pixar), this shows the art work the people involved in making this movie from the beginning to the later stages. And I drooled over each and every picture, which ranged from quick and cartoony to very serious and very indepth.

And I loved it! Loved to discover how one of my fave movies was created. And I discovered several pictures that I DESPERATELY want to frame. Might ask Disney/Pixar for a print to hang on my wall. Yes, I am that sad!

If you are a fan of the movie or interested in art, this is for you. Enjoy. And remember, JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

PS - I have one other The Art Of in my stack and I will read it soon. If you're smart, you know which one I have...


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