Thursday 18 April 2013

GoodRead - The Art Of Up

As you guys probably know from my previous review of The Art of Finding Nemo (review here, if you fancy a quick read), I adore Pixar movies. And one of my faves is Up. I adore the story, the meaning, the music (how can you not listen to Married Life and not cry?!). I seem to be going through a "Must Read Books About Art" phase at the moment because as soon as I saw this, I knew I had to have it. It was one of those impulse buys that I did with no one going "You're spending your money on that? Is that wise? Surely you should be saving for your future...?"

Yeah, I bought it without anyone knowing till it was too late.

So, The Art of Up is exactly what it says on the cover. With a foreword from the director, Pete Docter, the author does short write-ups per the few chapters that this book have. Which means most of this book is art and design of the movie and, after reading The Art of Finding Nemo, it was very interesting to read the difference of how these movies were created (although I know most people won't buy both books and will only buy or read one of them). And yes, I drooled over the art and the sketches that started and known what it was turned into. And I understood why the characters were drawn the shapes they were...!

I loved it. I did enjoy reading this and it made me want to watch the film again (this was the same after I read Finding Nemo and I do have plans to watch them soon...)

So, if you are a Pixar fan or a fan of the movie, then you might want to give this a look...

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