Saturday 19 April 2014

April Extravaganza!


Anyway, Project UKYA (or @ProjectUKYA on Twitter) have been doing this all month and asked me to do a special blog post today to get excited over UKYA books! And I did have really exciting ideas! Loads of exciting ideas, but every time I sat down to write them, I never got first the first paragraph.

So, instead, I wanted to share some UKYA books that I am very excited to read in the coming months. I had to cut them down so this isn't my complete list but I wanted to go "LOOK!!!" at these and I hope you guys get excited for them as well.

Let's start with DEAD JEALOUS by Sharon Jones. As you saw yesterday, I read and LOVED the sequel, DEAD SILENT, so reading the first book in the series. Poppy is recovering from a terrible boating accident that happened last year. Pushing away the brush of death, her mother dragged her to a pagan festival and, going to a nearby lake, Poppy finds a body of a young girl. Shocked at the sight (and remembering last year too well), Poppy decides to do some digging... Not your smartest move, Poppy.

This sounds great! I always love a good crime thriller! Another thriller that I'm excited over is NIGHT SCHOOL: RESISTANCE by CJ Daughtery. The fourth book in her NIGHT SCHOOL series, we follow Allie as she attends Cimmeria Academy where some of the students and teachers are hiding a secret. As Allie begins to discover the secret a piece at a time, she discovers that she is more powerful in this game of chess...

Another thriller-like book on my list (I like a good thriller) is A KISS IN THE DARK by Cat Clarke. When Alex meets Kate, the attraction is instant and they know it. They want to be with each other. And as they love begins to slowly grow, one of them has a secret and, if revealed, it will ruin everything. Not just their relationship, but both their lives...

You had me at the word "secret". Plus, it's Cat Clarke. I love her!

A book that you might have heard some buzz on the UK book bloggersphere is another book I am super excited to read: BANISHED by Liz de Jager. Described for fans of Cassandra's Clare, the story follows Kit, a Blackhart to fight enemy fae, who finds herself saving a fae prince. But she's on her own - no family to back her up this time. I did start this (only a few pages) but this is gonna be awesome!

If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of James Dawson so his latest, SAY HER NAME, is high up on my list. Taking urban legends and twisting it on its head, this follows Bobbie, who gets a stupid dare to stand in front of Bloody Mary's mirror and say her name five times, she does it to prove that ghosts don't exist. And guess what? Nothing happens. But the next day, on her mirror, she sees the words five days... Is it really Bloody Mary coming after her or is someone playing a cruel and nasty trick on her...

Am going to write these two books and leave you there as these seem to have past me by: HALF BAD by Sally Green and THE BONE SEASON by Samantha Shannon. Both these books seem to be getting a load of hype and I do have copies of them (I won them both - when did THAT happen?). Both have VERY PRETTY cover (remember, never judge a book by its cover). But if you are a fan of twisted fantasy, you might want to check these out...

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