Thursday 15 September 2016

My Reading Identity

Well, this is an odd blog post to try and write. Will have to use Gifs so people don't think the worse is happening...

Deep breaths everyone. This will all be fine!

As you guys know, I am a huge reader. I love to read and most of the books I read/buy/get sent very kindly by publishers is YA. This is a genre I am very happy to read, very comfortable to read and I have no plans to stop reading YA for a while. YA hasn't bored me - it excites me still (though, saying that, there are one and two cliches that get on my nerves and I still get hugely angry when people [who have never read YA] make outlandish statements that YA is either dangerous to teenagers or the YA genre [YA ISN'T A GENRE!] is basically Twilight and The Hunger Games. Someone's not done their homework, or in the words of the below gif...)

I still feel hugely passionate about YA. This is not a blog post of me saying "I am no longer reading YA books" so, breathe. Be calm, dear kind reader.

However - yes, there is a however...

As you guys know, I do read "grown up" books from grown up adults. I am not afraid to dip my toe into the adult shelves of bookshops. And I do read adult books - but not often. It's once every few months...

But I've been having this itch the past few weeks/months to read more. To push myself as a reader to experiment. To try and read more "grown up" books...

Yes, it's a scary time for me as a reader at the moment. But weirdly exciting at the same time! I feel that I can be a bit more experimental and go "I discovered this randomly. Yes, it's grown up and yes, there is some sexy scenes - very NSFW - but let's chat about it!". I'm even tempted to do a month, dedicated to reading solely adult literature. Still thinking this through but am pretty sure am going to do it.

So, yes, dear readers, I am going to try and read "outside my comfort zone" a little more. Not often, but enough to make me feel braver in trying new books. I am still a YA reader, but am going to push myself.

This might even be a new era for the blog and my reading. Where I can pretend to be sophisticated, grown up and a bit sexy, like these two gifs:

So, why, dear reader, do I get the feeling I will be more like this gif when it comes to books...?

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