Monday 26 June 2017

Books I'll (Probably) Never Read Tag

I saw this randomly last week on Captured with Words and, as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to do it. It was mainly because  I am trying to be more positive and "read books that make you happy". Plus, it's ok not to like a book for one reason or another - as long as you are not bashing readers who do enjoy that book or author. Everyone has an opinion with books, TV, films and we should be respectful. 

If you love any of the books or authors I mentioned, go forth and continue to love them! You should love the books and the authors that you read. It's just I don't connect with them for one reason or another. This is a space place where we can be kind and respectful, ok? Ok. Now, let's have a discussion about books we don't like and band together, shall we? 

Oh, if you wanna do this tag, like all the other tags that sneak up on my blog, you are more than welcome. GO FORTH! 

A really hyped book you're not interested in reading?
I was going to say Sarah J Maas's A Court of Thorns and Roses series. I have no interest in that. I don't click with her writing, plus have heard a few things about diversity and possible non-consensual sexual scene in the first book, which is a big no go with me. But the news of John Green's upcoming Turtles All The Way Down coming out soon, I'm not that fussed over it. I've read Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars and while they're ok, they're not my cup of tea. 

A series you won't start/won't be finishing?
*leans forwards and whispers this answer* Robert Galbraith and his Cormoran Strike series. I TRIED, OK?! I TRIED! And I liked crime. Crime is a genre I dip in and out of. But I just couldn't click with it. I read the first two books and, while they were slow, they were ok. A "meh" read. But I bought book three - Career of Evil - and this was my make-or-break book in the series. And it sat there, on my TBR shelves, waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Till I unhaul it. I have no interest in continuing this series.  

A classic that you're just not interested in?

Oh, where to start?! Can I say most as my answer? Classics scare me because they are "classic" and they have this huge cloud around them that makes me feel like I can't touch them or read them because, if I didn't, I won't get why people have called them classics. But if I have to say one, let me say War and Peace, but most classics I won't be reading. 

Any genres you never read?
Misery-biographies. This genre used to be a huge thing for a few years and I strongly disliked it. To me, reading is a pleasure and this, in my head, goes against that. I know there are other genres I won't read - self-help, religious, craft - but I am willing to try them out one day. But misery-bios.... nope. Not gonna happen. 

A book on your shelves you'll probably never actually read?
I do regular book culls on my physical books so I usually try and get that under control. Maybe I should do this more with my Kindle and my NetGalley (oh, my eProofs! I asked for eProofs on spare of the moment then I wonder why I asked for it. WHY, ANDREW, WHY?!). So, for this, am going to say two titles and they are both the same reasons so a nice wrap-up answer. The titles in questions are Spontaneous by Aaron Starmer and Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. And here is my reason: both these books sound right up my street. I should be wanting to jump on these, but something keeps holding me back. I think I have seen other people's reactions and they have made me hesitant. And now, time has moved on and I have more books I want to read and I have no idea if/when I will read these. So... yeah... that's it. 

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