Wednesday 28 June 2017

#re3 - Library Lion

I've been a weird reading slump the past few weeks and, last week during some days off, I seemed to suddenly hammered the books out (hence why this week is more booky than normal). Maybe if I did more blog/book breaks more often - when was the last time I did a RSM? Well, I need to do one soon - heads up, y'all!

And, out of randomness, I wanted to do some rereads, but seeing as I couldn't pick up and reread Artemis Fowl books one and two just yet (I have current reads to finish and some books for Penguin Platform's #PrideBookClub and try and tie that into #LGBTQIARead that Faye and George are hosting...), I picked this up and thumbed through it super fast.

Yes, it's the picture book that I bought at New York Public Library last year and yes, I still loved it. I was just happy to read this and remember my time in New York City and I still think this book is what I said in my review last year: utterly charming, an instant classic and I love it! And it still feels a bit like The Tiger Who Came to Tea - and it was nice to reread something and still have that warm fuzzy feeling I had when I first read it.

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