Thursday, 22 December 2016

eBook Review - Three Men and a Maybe

Last review of the year! LAST BOOKISH POST OF 2016! I never thought this day would come! But here we are, people! And let's leave this year with a short story for your eReader. And it's free as well. BONUS!!!

Men are like buses. None will come for a long time and then three come at once. But three marriage proposals as the clock strikes midnight at a New Year's party? Cerys doesn't know what to think when her ex, her oldest friend and the hot barman all propose to her...

Three proposals, two real contenders for Cerys's heart. but one choice. what is a girl to do...?

Ok, this isn't my normal genre of reading. This is very romance, very Mills and Boon. You know this stories is going to end in a "happy ever after" type way and you know from the title how the book is going to end.

This is a very fluffy romantic read. Plus, it's a short story so you can blitz through this very quickly. I paced it through two evenings as I wanted to take my time over this. I did enjoy the writing and I think the writing fits perfectly with this genre.

But this is a bit predictive. I knew, as soon as I got a good way into the story, where we were going and how the story was going to end. And while I was happy with this when I was proved right, I do wish it was a tad stronger. The ending felt a bit "We're all friends and everyone gets a happy ending" for my taste. I wish Cerys was a bit stronger or the ending was more reflective to real life.

It was a nice fluffy read - not perfect for someone who likes a bit of grit in their stories - but a nice way to end this year of reading.

Now, let me start reading books to chat to you guys about next year!

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