Thursday, 11 January 2018

Library Book Review - Cardcaptor Sakura: Volume 1

Come on. Admit it You didn't think I was going to make this my first review of 2018, did you? Well, SURPRISE! I did warn you that this year, I was planning on reading more fun, and seeing as I have wanted to read the manga version of Cardcaptors for a while (I used to watch this years ago when it was on CITV - anyone watch it? If I can find a start of the first episode in English dub, I will pop it at the bottom of the post!), when I saw it on the Essex Libraries website and I could request it, I went for it (as well as requesting a few other books - this might be a dangerous thing for me to do! BE AWARE, LIBRARY!). 

And it came quicker than I expected so I read it just before Christmas. 

In this first volume of the series, we follow fourteen year old (though Wiki said she's ten so maybe I am misremembered) Sakura who accidentally release the Glow Cards, magical cards created by magician Clow Reed. After the guardian of the cards, Cerberus (or Kero) chooses her to reclaim the cards, each card has its own abilities. 

In this volume, Sakura captures Jump, Fly, Water and Illustration and already captured Windy and Wood (we have a few flashback moments to explain this). 

And I enjoyed this. This was a fun, whizz of a read and I enjoyed this hugely. It was very PG friendly (this did have an age rating on the back of the book saying "For All Ages") and I feel that this is safe for younger readers. Plus, it has magical elements that work nicely. Plus, the art work is lovely. It felt very nostalgia.  

The huge problem with this is that, in my library book had three pages missing. THREE PAGES WERE RIPPED OUT! It's hugely annoying and it kinda annoys with the flow of the story, but not so much as I have seen the manga so I connected the dots up to a point. But it meant going to my library and explaining that the book was ripped out and I didn't do it (so please don't charge me!)

But what really surprised me is how, while it was hugely similar to the anime, there were huge difference. How Sakura caught the Fly Card in the manga is hugely different to how she caught it in the anime (unless I am misremembering). 

But this made me smile and I am hugely, HUGELY, tempted to request the second volume of Cardcaptor Sakura... We shall see how I feel in the near future...  

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