Wednesday 26 June 2019

An Vintage Extract from 1954

Ok, I'm not back from my blog break as of yet. But I fancied popping in, saying hi and giving you an extract of something a little different. It's not my typical YA but as I am still trying to figure the path the Pewter Wolf is going int he future, I thought I would shake it up a little with wine.

Well, an extract from a upcoming novel which all starts with a bottle of wine.

Vintage 1954 by Antoine Laurain (and translated by Emily Boyce and Jane Aitken - though correct me if I am wrong!) follows four very different people - Hubert, antique restorer Magalie, mixologist Julien and Airbnb tenant Bob who is visiting Europe for the first time as he's from Milwaukee. After an evening of drinking a bottle of exceptional bottle of 1954 Beaujolais, they all wake up the following morning to discover themselves in 1950s Paris.

Once the shock wears off, the four fall under the city's charm. But ultimately, they will have to figure out how to get back to 2017. And the key to that might be at the vineyards of the Chateau St Antoine...

Like I said, this is a very different animal to what I normally do. Plus, I'm not the biggest wine drinker so this is a bit of a curveball, but I thought this would be a fun extract to share with you!

Before I hand you over to the extract (got a glass of good wine or beverage at hand?), I just want to thank Ellen from ED PR for asking if I want to be involved in this tour. And if you want more info on this book, you can check it out at Gallic Books's website.


Monday 3 June 2019

Finding the World of Maresi: Red Mantle

BLOG TOUR TIME! And it's going to get a little... red...

Ok, that was a lame pun, but I am super thrilled to be involved in this tour to celebrate the release of the newest instalment of the Red Abbey ChroniclesMaresi: Red Mantle by Maria Turtschaninoff and translated into English by Anne Primer.

In a world ruled by brutal and ruthless men, the Red Abbey has been a safe haven for women and girls. Maresi has grown into a young, strong woman thanks to Red Abbey. But now it is time for her to leave. Time to return to her childhood home and share what she has learned.

But her village isn't the same place it was when she left. People are struggling under the rule of an oppressive Earl and people are so desperate to survive that they don't see the value in Maresi's teaching. Maresi must use everything she has learn to protect her people, but can she find the strength to do so when she is experiencing love for the first time...?

Doesn't this sound dark, messed-up and feminist as heck!?

To celebrate this release, author Maria Turtschaninoff has written this some guest post which I am thrilled and honoured to share with you guys!

Now, before I hand it over to Maria, I want to thank her for finding time to write this and for the lovely Vicki at Pushkin for asking if I wanted to be involved in this tour! If you want to say hi to Maria, you can check out her website at or check her out on Twitter at @turtschaninoff. And if you want more info about Maresi: Red Mantle or any of the books within the series, you can check out Pushkin Press for more info.