About Me & Review Policy

Hi and welcome to The Pewter Wolf Reads

My name is Andrew and I started book blogging back in 2010 after becoming unemployed and needing an escape from all the dead-end job hunting. I tweeted and and blogged about the books I had read and, before I need it, I had stumbled into the world of book blogging (not realising it was a real thing at the time) and being invited for my first book blogger event that autumn.

That is how I stumbled into book blogging.

Due to my stumblings, I somehow won the Blogger's Blogger Award at the 2015 UKYA Blogger Awards (as well as being nominated in two other categories - Champion of Social Media and Champion of Diversity in YA). I was again nominated for Champion of Diversity in 2016 and, in 2018, I was shortlisted for Champion Adult Blogger for UKYA Blogger Awards 2018 and longlisted in three other categories: Champion of Diversity, Best Established Blogger and Marvellous Blogger.



BLOGGER'S NOTE: Please be aware that I now only consider reading/reviewing books, eBooks and audiobooks from publishers, authors and publicity that I have communications with, due to the amount of books on my To Be Read Shelves and on my eReader. This will be for the foreseeable future. 

If you wish to contact me, please email me at pewterwolf [at] googlemail [dot] com

Currently, I review the books I buy myself and some books that I have been sent via publishers, authors, other bloggers through gifts or contests. 

- Teen/YA fiction: YA - Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Crime/Thriller, Debut Novels, LGBTQIA, Diversity and other genres within reason.
- Adult Fiction: Crime/thriller, fantasy, sci-fi, LGBTQ+, other genres within reason.
- Audiobooks within above genres/age ranges or something that excites and holds my attention.

Basically, I want to read, listen, share stories that excite me and that I can have fun reading!

I will not guarantee that I'll review every book I am sent - solicited or otherwise - or books that I buy out of my own pocket. Like I said previously, I want to read and talk about books that I am excited about reading. Due to the amount of books I have on my To Be Read shelves and my speed of reading, if the book in question doesn't grab me and hold my attention within the first 50 pages, I sadly won't continue to read the book. I'd rather not review a book that doesn't hold my attention then give it a bad review.

I will try to read your book in a timely manner and publish my review here and/or Goodreads, as well as other social media platforms (mainly Twitter). I am happy to post my review as soon as I read it or nearer to the day the book is published. As I do work full time, if you have a specific date you need a book reviewed by, I must be informed in advance as I am a slow reader. I am also happy to do author features, guest posts, extracts, interviews and giveaways. With these and reviews, I will tweet them and link it to publisher.