Wednesday 31 March 2010

GoodRead - Blue Bloods

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – they’re young, fabulous, good-looking and they rule over Manhattan. No, I’m not talking about Gossip Girl, I am talking about the new vampire series that has been bought to the UK by the same publisher that bought the Twilight Saga and the House of Night series to UK shore.

Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz (the first book in the series of the same name) starts with us introducing to our characters and sets everything up for the next few books. We meet our main character, Schuyler Van Alen, and her friend, Oliver, as they try to get into a club (under fake IDs) where Schuyler swears she sees a man get run over by a taxi, only to rush over and find that he hadn’t. And to find that he’s Jack Force, one of the hottest guys in school. And not ever in the same sphere as her. Yet he knows her name!

But things begin to happen. Because soon, Schuyler discovers that she's a Blue Blood, a member of the city's glamorous and secret vampire elite. They're young, beautiful and powerful (not mentioned fanged - yes, they have fangs). But now they're being murdered - which is impossible but Blue Bloods can't die. Or so they thought. Now, Schuyler must find out who or what is behind it before she's next.

The start of a series and it sets everything up nicely (yes, this is a long game book series, like Harry Potter and House of Night) and stupidly easy to fall into. Maybe it's because I was actually in New York when I started this book (must thank the lovely Atom Book Twitter-Person for sending me a copy of this book! I owe you one!) so I could say I walked down that Avenue or was at Time Square.

But I fell into this book and enjoy myself while reading it. Sure, there was one or two things that some people might find annoying (the list of fashion labels might put some boys off) but I love Blue Bloods and I can't wait to start on the second book in the series, Masquerade!

GoodRead - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Abridged)

We all know the basic story of “Alice in Wonderland” and most of us have seen the new Disney film “Alice in Wonderland”, directed by Tim Burton.

But have you ever read the novel that this story has come from, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” or its sequel, “Alice Through the Looking-Glass”?

No? Neither had I, till one of my work mates (Thanks Joe!) lent me his “abridged” copy of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

And… yeah… it’s as weird as I suspected! It was a fast read, but a weird read nevertheless. It’s not like either Disney’s films but you see traces of the original source in there.

I’m not sure how I can review this book if I am totally honest with you. I wish I could, but I have no idea where to start or end! SORRY!!!

Tuesday 30 March 2010


Stephenie Meyer is going to release a novella entitled "The Short, Second Life of Bree Tanner".

I hear fangirl screams...

For more details, go to either or

Saturday 27 March 2010

BeforeUGo - March 2010 Recommendations

Why, hello there!

Because we had a two week break in March due to me going away to New York City (squee), not so many recommendations. But I hope you like them...


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Saturday 20 March 2010

Chuck Norris V Sue Sylvester

I mentioned this on my Twitter earlier today and, since then, I can't this important question out of my head:

Who would win in a fight bewteen Chuck Norris and Sue Sylvester???

Who would win? I NEED TO KNOW!!!

GoodRead - "Twilight: The Graphic Novel" Volume 1

Most fans know the plot to Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (and some non-fans too). So, there's no real point explaining the plot to Twilight: The Graphic Novel – Volume One.

So, I might as well tell you about how it was adapted and what the art (both done both by Young Kim). The art in this volume is shockingly beautiful. Some people will see it as a bit Anima or Manga-ish, but I do like it! I like how the characters look (sorry, no Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson/Taylor Launter here!) because some, if not most, of the characters look like how they looked when I first read Twilight - WAY before the film rights were bought by Summit. The main characters that Young Kim drew that fitted what I had inside my head was Bella, Alice (that hair!) and Jacob.

Now, let's get into the adaptation. Before I go any further, I must stress that Stephenie Meyer didn't adapted the story – that was Young Kim's department. But Stephenie was HUGELY involved with both the art and the storyline. But there are a few times within the book's pages that I felt that the adaptation was cut in the wrong place or the change of some wording felt a little out of place. But it doesn't stop the flow of the story, but if you are a fan of the Twilight Saga, you might find it a bit jarring. But as this is a graphic novel, this helps speeds things along a bit.

Also, this a Twilight: Volume One of the Graphic Novel. The story is split into two volumes (US and UK Publishers haven't revealed if/when Volume 2 will be published) but this can be forgiven due to the amount of drawings within its covers.

And, if you expecting pages and pages of colour, think again. Colours are used sparingly and, because of this, it makes the pages when colour is used more important. For example, the first few pages (Showing Bella in Phoenix and then showing Bella in Forks) show the difference of worlds for Bella – warm oranges of Phoenix and the earthy greens of Forks. And when we see Edward in colour... Now that would be telling.

If you're a fan of the Twilight Saga, then you'll buy this. If you're curious to see what a graphic novel could look like (as over the course of the year, they will get more popular, me thinks), then there's no harm giving this a quick look. But if you are a die-hard Manga reader, then maybe this will annoy you with some of its style.

But I like it. And maybe I would like to see how Young Kim finishes Twilight in Volume Two... And we can guess that there will be a Volume Two (“Why,” I hear you ask? Look at the cover and notice where her arm goes, it's on something that looks like a man's hand... Will Volume Two be a continuation of this scene? I think so...)

Thursday 18 March 2010

GoodRead - Book Cover Excitement (Clockwork Angel)

Now, another book cover but this was the one I'm the most excited over.

The book series I discovered last year (and fell completely in love with - Team Alec and Magnus!!!) was the series Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. So, I am very thrilled that she is writing a prequel trilogy called the Infernal Devices and a fourth book to the Mortal Instruments called City of Fallen Angels.

Today, the cover to the first book in the Infernal Devices is called Clockwork Angel (God, I love the name!) and this is the cover for the US and, maybe, the UK!

And this is a close up of the gentleman on the front cover which, Cassandra revealed on her LiveJournal is one of the main characters called Will.

I LOVE this cover! Just love it! Though I wasn't happy when the UK publisher switched the covers to the US covers, I do LOVE this cover! I do hope the UK publishers - Walker Books - use this cover...

Oh, here is a small interview where the cover was revealed... ENJOY!

GoodRead - Book Cover Excitement (Blue Bloods)

This is a blog to show off a book cover that might get people hot under the collar!

Now, the book series I have just started to get into (just started to read the first book in the series) is the series "Blue Bloods" by Melissa De La Cruz.

The fifth book in the series is called "Keys to the Repository" and the US cover has been released!

Now, the series is just made it to the UK, I have to wonder if the UK publisher (Atom Books) will use this cover or make a brand new cover as they might want to continue the use of pearls.

We'll have to wait and see...

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Dear Scott (Custard Sure Cheese)

After listening to the latest Scott Mills Podcast (You need podcast entitled "Mills: Miles from Hell - Day 1") where they replaced a song from a afew songs with the word custard, my friends & I emailed into the show (after laughing our butts off!) This is what I wrote:

Dear Scott, Beccy, One Who Doesn’t Speak (Or the One Who Spoke Once – what is his name now???) and the PR4L!

Because of Custard Gate (which I heard this morning via podcast and making look like a weirdo on the Park and Ride bus to work!), my friends and I are now thinking of song lyrics and add the word “Custard” to. It’s gone a bit weird.

We have custarded Lady Gaga (“You and me can write a bad custard”), Ellie Goulding (“We’re under the custard and you’re killing me.”), Florence and the Machine (“You’ve got the custard I need to see me through…”) Cheryl Cole (“We’re got to fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this custard.”), MC Hammer (“Can’t Touch Custard”) & Michael Jackson (“Man in the Custard”) among others…

And now, because of this, we are changing words with two of our fave words at the moment: Sure and Cheese (don’t ask!). So, we have Sured JLS (“Everybody in sure, come put your hands up!”), The Killers (“Cos I’m Mr Bright-Sure”), and Rihanna (“Sure Boy”).

And we have Cheesed Glee (“Don’t Stop Cheesing”), Lady Gaga again (“Just Cheese!”), All Saints (“Out of reach, Take Me to my Cheese…”) and Dizzee Rascal (“Dirty Cheese, I want you! Dirty Cheese, I need you woo!”)

So, we just want to say thank you for keeping us entertained at work! We needed something to keep us sane(ish) since they stopped us listening to the radio L

Love You (as you complete us!)

We want it to be read out on air (highly unlikely), but you never know... Will report about if they do... PLEASE BBC RADIO ONE!!!

Also, a random add on, but have you even been put on hold while trying to talk to some company or other? Well, someone got even!

Thursday 11 March 2010

GoodRead - “Lord Sunday” by Garth Nix

Okay, I know that I have been going on about this book for a while now (sorry to you and to my poor friends who I have annoyed over the past few weeks!). It was only because I wanted this book before I went away on my lovely holiday, because the book was going on general sale the day after I went away!

But I got it the day before at the airport (woo hoo!) and I read it in three days flat. But, I fear, I might have skimmed the story and missed one or two things so SORRY in advance.

So, LORD SUNDAY is the final book in the Keys to the Kingdom series and, because some of you lot might not have read the series (or have a clue what I'm going on about), I'll be vague!

After the events that happened in SUPERIOR SATURDAY, which made him fall out the Incomparable Gardens, Arthurs lands not in the Upper House but somewhere completely unexpected. Arthur has to find the Seventh (and final) piece of the Will and claim the Seventh Key from the last Morrow Day, Lord Sunday.

But things aren't going to be easy. Saturday, without her Key, has joined forces with the mysterious Architect's son, the Piper. Arthur is desperately trying to hold onto his mortality and a tide of Nothing is rising, destroying everything in its path, slowly destroying the House. And if the House is destroyed, then so is the Universe.

Now, I'm going to be honest: I have no idea what I was expecting from this book. I think all throughout the series has been slowly building to an action-packed showdown and when we did see action, Arthur isn't involved in it! Suzy Blue is and so is Leaf (we see a lot more of her in this book!) but no Arthur.

Also with Arthur, he's no longer relateable. In the start of the series, he was a regular kid thrown into a strange and twisted world. But, because of the events and revelations that happened within the series, this is part of the over-arcing plot.

But, I really like this series and this book might not be my favourite (that would go to Sir Thursday!), but I think this fits the series. But some readers might feel like they were a bit short-changed.

Now, I hope that this ending doesn't creep up in the two novels Garth Nix is writing to the Old Kingdom series (aka the Abhorsen series if you live outside the UK) or there will be trouble...

PS – I've only just got why on the cover, there's “On the seventh day, there was silence...

GoodRead - "Gone" by Lisa McMann

I have to be honest: This book was meant to be my holiday read. But, I read the back once I got it in the post and after than... I couldn't stop myself! I HAD to read it!

So, because FADE (book 2 in the trilogy) isn't published in the UK Yet - April 2010, I think - I will be vague on the plot.

After the shocking event of FADE, Janie is stuck in the middle of a horrible situation. A situation that not even her beloved Cabel can solve.

But Janie's world is turned upside-down by a mysterious man and she mas to make a decision, both as bad as the other.

What will Janie choose? And once she chose it, will she stick to it?

Out of the trilogy, GONE is the most human and while I know there will be some readers will find it a bit of a let down, I liked it. I didn't love it, but it gave the trilogy a satisfying ending. Now, I'm not going to tell you if it all ends happily ever after or not, but Lisa McMann stays true to her characters and, for that, I thank her because I loved spending time with Janie, Cabel and the Captain.

Now, I know the trilogy had ended, but if Lisa McMann writes another book linked to the trilogy (maybe from Cabel's Point of View) or a new story, I will be happily waiting to get my hands on it when released in the UK. If not, thank you Internet!

Why Women Scare Me

I laughed at this video and I decided to share this with you!!! Just because this is my blog and because I can!!!

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Megan Mullally and Tina Fey - Separated At Birth?

Someone I follow on Twitter wrote the following tweet: Anyone else noticed the similarity between Megan Mullally (Karen on W&G) and Tina Fey?

When I said No, I got this frightening image:


Monday 1 March 2010

BeforeUGo - February 2009 Recommendations


Here is all February's Recommendations for BeforeUGo via Twitter!

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And here is a band, recommended to us!

dotcoms -

And because there will be no recommendations on Twitter for the next two weeks, enjoy this lovely video of Lykki Li singing an Live acoustic version of her song Tonight. Enjoy!

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Finding Nemo - On Ice???

Okay, I am a big of a PIXAR fan. My fave PIXAR film is FINDING NEMO (though UP is cool! And as for WALL-E...). And last year, my friends and I discovered that Finding Nemo was put on ice. An ice show for Finding Nemo?! AWESOME!

But we missed the date. However, I saw an image of it and it has freaked me out. I'll show you want I mean. Here is a Finding Nemo image

And this is a Finding Nemo On Ice image...

See! IT'S WEIRD!!!

Strange Doodle 3

Yes, another one... but I think I know what it is, this time round.

To me, this is a person. No idea why the star is there.

What do you think? Do you see it or do you see something else???

Mirrormask (aka Strange Doodle!)

I was doodling at work (again! I seem to suddenly have this habit!) when I noticed what I was doodling. Here is my doodle...

Okay, so that's my doodle. Why is that weird, you ask? Because I realised that this doodle is of a cool CGI scene from a film I love called Mirrormask. Here is the photo from the film...

See what I mean...

Simon's Cat

My friend (her name is, strangely, Cat) forward this to me, saying it reminded her of my cat. I watched one video, suddenly remembered that I have seen most of these videos and laughed myself stupid.

If you're a cat owner, you will totally understand!

I ask you to get out, or to see what I mean.

If, however, you are too lazy to do that,here are two of my fave videos! ENJOY!!!