Monday 11 April 2022

Dread Wood Blog Tour

Question to kickstart my stop on this blog tour: have you guys ever play The Floor is Lava? This is important to the review, so stay with me on this one. Well, have you? 

While you ponder that, let me chat quickly about this book. Hang on, let me get my details up then we can chat. 

Title and Author: Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick
Publisher: Farshore
Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Gifted by UK publisher via NetGalley for Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review/reaction

Oh, this is part of a blog tour, organised by The Write Reads (thank you for having me as part of this tour!). But still, am going to be honest (would you expect anything else?)

From the author that bought us Crater Lake comes Dread Wood and oh, it's a humdinger!

What can be worse that having detention on a Saturday? Nothing, according to Angelo, Hallie, Gustav and Naira. But oh, how wrong they are going to be as, within minutes of turning up, they notice that something is very, very wrong. And that's before they see their teacher being dragged underground... 

Something frightening is going on. The groundskeeper and his wife are acting weird, whistling Itsy Bitsy Spider. There are tremors under their feet and, soon, they realise that the very ground they are walking on isn't safe. As the four are forced to work together to survive the detention from hell, they begin to realise that them getting detestation at the same time might not have been an accident... Someone wants them to suffer...

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Upcoming Easter Blog Break Alert

This isn't a big thing, but I thought I would get in early with this, dear reader. I've decided to take a blog break for a few weeks, and with Easter round the corner, I thought that fortnight would be perfect. I say fortnight, might be longer. Am gonna be honest, am having a little blogger/reader burnout of late, so a well-earned blog holiday for two (maybe longer) weeks sounds ideal and lovely. 

Plus, with this break, I can be more looser with what I want to read and how longer it takes me to read. 

Oh yes, I am thinking of going more outside my comfort zone and try new (to me) authors and authors that I read in the past and want to rediscover. Plus, am doing two blog tours (one next week and one at the end of May) so I want to get ahead of myself and tackle them now while the mood takes me.

So yes, am taking a break from here (though not from Twitter and Goodreads. Oh, I will still be lurking on  these!) for a few weeks. But, I don't want to be mean and leave you completely in the dark so am going to put up one or two books on my TBR (new, rereads and "It was on sale!") so you have an idea of how loose am going to be with my reading. I haven't decided how am going to review these (maybe only on Goodreads, maybe mini-reviews when I return, no idea) but I will chat about these in one form or another... 

Anyway, ideas of my future reading during my break... Thoughts?

Friday 1 April 2022

Family of Liars Soundboard

This is a little early, I know (this isn't out till May, I believe), but I had read this (a good chunk of it while I was in line for rides at Thorpe Park) and I thought rather than write up a review that I can't really go deep into as this book, I think, works best when you go in blind. But I wanted to do something that would be a little fun at the same time. 

And, of course, I went down my rabbit hole of music and thinking of songs that catch the vibe of the book without revealing anything. I remember Hot Key, the UK publishers, created a small playlist for when We Were Liars was first published (It took me ages to find it but I FOUND THE PLAYLIST). So I thought "Oh, a sound board would be fun and different. And I have songs that fit the mood of the book that aren't spoilers!"

And my music tastes are a little odd. Plus, this is a prequel to We Were Liars, so the songs I picked don't exactly fit the time when the book is set, but let's have some fun, shall we? Plus, how do I do this without spoilers... 

I hope you like these songs choices and, once the book is released, I will be super curious over your song choices...