Thursday 5 August 2010

Cassandra Clare News (YEAH!!!!!)

This was revealed last night so...

Cassandra Clare, author of the Mortal Instruments trilogy (which is technically not a trilogy because she has written a fourth book - City of Fallen Angels) announced last night that TWO MORE books will be added to the series, making it SIX books in total. And, if you see her prequel trilogy - Infernal Devices - as part of the same series (I don't, but still, some do), that makes it NINE books!

But not only that, SHE GAVE US TITLES!!!


AND - we have YEARS OF RELEASE AND TAGLINES!!! So exciting!!!!

Let's deal with the taglines first... ready?

CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS: "Who will be tempted by darkness?"
CITY OF LOST SOULS: "Can the Lost be reclaimed?"
CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE: "Will love be their salvation or destruction?"

Mouthwatering, huh? And now, we have dates. Well, not dates, but year release. Now, hold on. This is kinda confusing.

2010 - Clockwork Angel (Book 1 in Infernal Devices)
2011 - City of Fallen Angels (Book 4 of Mortal Instruments - April) AND Clockwork Prince (Book 2 in Infernal Devices - September?)
2012 - City of Lost Souls (Book 5 of Mortal Instruments - date unknown) AND Clockwork Princess (Book 3 in Infernal Devices - date unknown)
2013 - City of Heavenly Fire (Book 6 of Mortal Instruments - Date Unknown).

Also, one tiny mouthwatering piece of information Cassandra said (she was very vague about the new books - as she should) is the following: She also said that new characters will be introduced including a female and a male that will shake up some relationships as we know them.


AND - someone gave the link to the video! SCORE!

And now, because we have no book cover of CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS to show you (it won't be revealed till December 2010!), here is a song I HUGELY relate to this series (and I hope Imogen Heap will release TONS more music before the books are released!)

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