Friday, 10 August 2012

Ambridge Extra Blog-A-Long

I've been thinking of this in the past few days, so you will have to excuse me if you're reading this and go "Not a book review! HOW VERY DARE YOU!" But, hear me out. I like doing tweetalong when I do them, and I wanted to do another. I was thinking of doing one with this coming omnibus episode of the Archers, but I have been REALLY listening to the show since the beginning of the year so my reactions will be with the storylines, not trying to make light of it.

So, I decide to do a Blog-A-Long. Basically, it's the same time, expect you download the podcasts and listen so when I write a time down, you do "Oh, it's seven minutes into the show", hence maybe making life easier. And so, my podcasts. Am doing this week's episode of Ambridge Extra. Basically, it's The Archers extra, aired on BBC Radio 4 Extra. You can download the podcasts here or go to iPlayer and find that way. Remember, am doing THIS WEEK's episodes so Tuesday 7th August and Thursday 9th August.

Will give you a moment to download/iPlayer them. Have you got them? Are you sure? Ok, am clicking play on my iPhone now...

Oh, before I start, quick roundup! Harry and Fallon decide to go the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Perfect for Fallon as she has a thing for Harry. Unfortunately for her, their mate Jazzer gatecrashes the trip. Trying to keep her plan for Harry going, she begs mate Kirsty to come too.... And that's it. Am I missing anything? No... well, then. PLAY!

00:03 - "Thank you for downloading Ambridge Extra." Oh, your welcome! 
00:10 - So this is what The Archers theme tune would sound like if it took drugs. ... I wanna buy this.
01:17 - "Look, I'm tired. Been driving for hours." Well, the last episode was on Thursday so... 
01:35 - The van panicked when Jazzer announced that the four-pack was gone. 
02:55 - Harry seems uncomfortable over his "old friend". Let's start the reason why game!
03:10 - Music monotage time! You don't get this on Radio 4!
04:05 - Harry? Serial Killer? Thanks, Jazzer. 
04:30 - "Must have been a really good friend... Harry?" Oh, the tension after that statement! 
04:59 - "Well done Fallon." She's not a dog, people! 
05:16 - "Wine?" They have their properties right
05:41 - "Harry? It is you!" And Harry doesn't sound AT ALL uncomfortable with his old mate Grant. Not at ALL! 
06:30 - second music monotage. And Grant tried to make Harry camping in the past - HISTORY! 
07:46 - Skinny dipping stories! THE MENTAL IMAGES! *tilts head to one side* Ok, can live with that thought. And "old times"? Ok, fill us in, someone... 
09:00 - Spin the Bottle? They're going to play Spin the Bottle? Oh, in soap world, this means trouble... 
09:36 - Oh... is this where most of us think its going? (Am slowly falling in love with Harry's voice... Make him do audiobooks.)
09:45 - "It was heaven." Yep, ok. I know where it's going...!
10:23 - "And I can pull a pint. What more can a man want?" Some men don't like pints, dear. Some like Diet Cokes, some like WooWoos and some... well... 
11:10 - Oh, the truth of Harry and Grant begins... PLACE YOUR BETS! 
12:14 - "But it wasn't a girl." "What do you mean, it wasn't a girl?" IT WASN'T A GIRL! KEEP UP!
13:31 - JAZZER AND FALLON KISSED! The world is beginning to spin off its axis...!
13:50 - does this mean that Jazzer is the Christian Grey of Ambridge? Oh, let's not open that door! 

Am a little in shock. Let's keep going before I lose my nerve! Thursday's episode - ready?

00:42 - "Oh God." That was our reaction, Fallon. Just not as toned down as that... 
02:22 - "Making a fool of myself..." I feel a tiny bit sorry for you, Kirsty.
02:55 - That wasn't uncomfortable AT ALL! 
04:49 - Just listening to everyone's reactions... not sure how Ambridge would have taken it but still... 
05:15 - "You're not over him, are you?" Well, I sense not from the previous episode.
05:44 - Kylie and now Will Young as background music. Do you think they're telling us something?
07:12 - Washing last night out of your hair... DON'T! YOU FILTHY LOT! KEEP THE SMUT DOWN!
08:22 - "Best night of me life." I'm thrilled it was the best night of your life, Jazzer, but the MENTAL IMAGES!
09:00 - "Our secret." Secrets have a funny way of coming out, Fallon and Jazzer. 
10:00 - "It was why you did it." Oh, the history thickens. 
10:42 - "We still got a long way to go." NO! Don't say that! Do you mean with Grant or to Edinburgh? (in case you're wondering, I want them together. I'm a romantic at heart)
11:45 - All in. No, but... WAIT! 
12:08 - *Narrows eyes at Jazzer*
12:14 - "Fallon, stop."
12:26 - He's getting out! HE'S NOT GOING!!! YEAH!!!
12:51 - Wait, is this is last of Harry? But...

And that's it. Sorry if this was a completely waste of your time and oxygen but I wanted to do this and see how it would go! Was random fun (though have blown my chances of ever going on the show or writing an episode)! Might do it again in the future, but keep it on Twitter then copy & paste it over to the blog...

Anyway, if you took part or decided to listen to the show, great! If not, normal book blogging will return with my usual SMILE post on Monday! Have an ace weekend!

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