Friday, 10 October 2014

GoodRead - The Lady Astronaut of Mars

I read this earlier in the week but only just now have time to write a tiny review for this short eNovella. The story is part of anthology where each story takes the opening line/character from a "classic" but put it into a sci-fi setting. This story takes the opening line of Wizard of Oz.

Just so you know, you can read this story for free on or you can pay 36p on Amazon Kindle so either way, you can read this story for less that 50p. BARGAIN!!!

Sixty-three year old Elma is offered her dream - one last mission in space. It will be a three year-long mission. But there's a problem. Her husband, Nathaniel, has barely a year to live.

So, this a short sci-fi story that isn't sci-fi.

For a story that's inspired by the opening line of Wizard of Oz, we see very little of Dorothy, but we focus of the story/marriage of Elma and Nathaniel and I found this the main reason why I stream through this short story within an hour.

It's a sweet, yet sad and I feel you guys will enjoy this tale that will make you look at the stars (and your grandparents) in a slightly different way...

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