Friday, 26 February 2016

Book Review - The Fox and the Star

I won a contest, hosting by the lovely Beth from The Reader's Corner, to win any book (to the cost of £10 or roundabout) from Wordery. There was a few that caught my eye so I gave Beth the list and said "Surprise me! I trust you". This was the book she picked for me and, because of that, thank you Beth.

Once upon a time, there was a Fox that lived in deep forest. His only friend was Star that shone high in the sky and shone on forest paths for Fox to use. But one night, Star isn't there, leaving Fox alone in the dark forest... 

This is a beautiful book that children will love. It's short and uses very simple language that children and family members can read together, and express the message of love, loss and learning to accept change beautifully. And the illustrations in this are beautiful! I shall put a few of them below so you can see for yourselves. 

I adore this simple yet beautiful book, and can't wait to read Coralie Pickford-Smith's next book. Or just stare at one of her illustrations!

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