Friday 1 April 2022

Family of Liars Soundboard

This is a little early, I know (this isn't out till May, I believe), but I had read this (a good chunk of it while I was in line for rides at Thorpe Park) and I thought rather than write up a review that I can't really go deep into as this book, I think, works best when you go in blind. But I wanted to do something that would be a little fun at the same time. 

And, of course, I went down my rabbit hole of music and thinking of songs that catch the vibe of the book without revealing anything. I remember Hot Key, the UK publishers, created a small playlist for when We Were Liars was first published (It took me ages to find it but I FOUND THE PLAYLIST). So I thought "Oh, a sound board would be fun and different. And I have songs that fit the mood of the book that aren't spoilers!"

And my music tastes are a little odd. Plus, this is a prequel to We Were Liars, so the songs I picked don't exactly fit the time when the book is set, but let's have some fun, shall we? Plus, how do I do this without spoilers... 

I hope you like these songs choices and, once the book is released, I will be super curious over your song choices...

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