Friday, 7 October 2022

Surprise Blog Holiday Time

Last minute surprise, but am taking a few weeks off blogging. 
No big secret on why (in fact, I don’t need to tell you am taking a blog holiday, dear reader, as I’ve seen so many bloggers/vloggers take time away then come back and go “I needed a break”, but I like telling you), but am going on holiday for a few days/weeks and am not taking my laptop with me. Then, when I return, I want a few more days to play catch-up on real life (work, family, mental health, cleaning – oh, I need to do so much cleaning, etc) 
Another reason (again, I never hid this) but recently, have been finding blogging a bit of a struggle. I don’t have the energy like I used to. I know it’s because of the events of the last few years and, while I’m out of my summer reading slump, it’s taking me longer to get my blogging mojo back on track. So, hopefully, this little time away will help me come back with zest and vigour. 
Plus, my To Be Read has got a little out of control. Earlier this week, I got approved to read several eBooks for review in a space of an hour (HOW?! WHEN DID I REQUEST YOU ALL?!). That doesn’t include the books/eBooks/Audiobooks I already have for review (gifted very kindly by publishers/PR companies/authors/etc in exchange for an honest review/reaction), audiobooks I would like to borrow from my local library and books/ebooks/audiobooks that I have bought. So… yeah, I might need a few weeks away from laptop to focus on reading, hopefully at a leisurely pace, but there are titles I want done… 
Plus, I have a plan or two for November and December (plus, I would like a few weeks off for Christmas) but I want to enjoy blogging again and, hopefully, this mini-blog break will do the trick. (Maybe I should book some time away in 2023 for a reading retreat. Just me, my books/kindle and NO WIFI. Maybe some nature walks – sounds like heaven!)

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