Friday, 17 March 2023

Murder Month 2023 - The Edinburgh Mystery

As you guys know, I do love a good crime or thriller novel. And I seem to be going down a rabbit hole with discovering “forgotten” Golden Age crime writers. I have several on my kindle, waiting to be read (some bought, some from NetGalley for review). But when I saw this collection of crime short stories, set in Scotland, I couldn’t resist. I love Scotland and hope to revisit Edinburgh in the near future (same with Wales, truth be told) and the idea of reading Golden crime set in Scotland was too delicious to past up!

Title And Author: The Edinburgh Mystery and Other Tales of Scottish Crime Edited by Martin Edwards
Publisher: British Library and Poisoned Pen Press
Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Gifted by US publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review/reaction
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As you expect from a collection of short stories, each story from a different author and all different lengths, not all stories are going to everyone’s taste. Some you will enjoy, others not so much. And because I took a long time to read the collection, I did a me thing and didn’t make any notes on the stories I liked the stories I wasn’t a fan of. I did hugely enjoy the titled story – The Edinburgh Mystery by Baroness Orczy, as well as Josephine Tey’s Madame Ville d’Aubier.

A little uneven in quality, but this does make me intrigued and excited over the other British Library Crime Classic titles I have on my TBR and a few others on my radar… hopefully, will get round to reading them soon!

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