Friday, 12 February 2010

Frak Attack

I was moving dusks (again) at work and I accidently threw away two printouts I have of some doodles that I love away! This makes me sad and I can't FIND THEM ON THE POTTERCAST WEBSITE! But, because I like them (and realised that I haven't mentioned him before), I want to draw your attention to this guy - Frankie Franco III! (sorry, but how can you not love the man?! His name alone is amazing!)

I LOVE HIS DOODLES!!! If you can, could you follow him on Facebook (under "Frankie Franco III)/Twitter/Blogspot please! Or check out his website at

I fear no evil, but I do invite it into my life.
Forgive me for hiding my demons in the shadow your light casts.

(The Prayer was with the last painting and I couldn't break them up! Both are beauty apart but together...!)

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