Monday, 22 February 2010

Odeon Cinemas Vs Disney's Alice in Wonderland

So, if you don't live in the UK, Ireland or Italy, you may have no idea what's going on. So, let me give you the info.

A large chain of cinemas have decided that they are not going to be showing Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland". The reason for this is that Disney wants a shorter time for the film to be at the cinema so there is a shorter wait for the film to come out on DVD (which is rumoured to come out at the end of May.) This would, also, beat piracy, according to Disney.

The usual amount of time that a film is out in the cinema is around 17 weeks.

Now, Odeon reason for this is that Disney (rumour has it) gave all cinemas a "Take It Or Leave It" stand on it. Plus, Odeon have said that this would "...set a new benchmark, leading to a 12-week window becoming rapidly standard".

Two other main UK cinema chains considered boycotting the film too: VUE and Cineworld. But Cineworld managed to set up an independent agreement with Disney and Vue is said to have also made an agreement also.

So, Odeon is not going to show the film in its cinemas throughout the UK, Ireland and Italy.

Rant time now. WTF?!

Okay, I accept that what Disney did with the rumoured "Take It Or Leave It" stand is wrong. There is always room to make a new agreement.

BUT, Odeon has SERIOUSLY shoot itself in the foot! And is making itself the bad guy in this whole situation!

For one thing, we all know that Alice will be a whole money making machine, and a small amount of money that the cinema gains from these viewings (2D and 3D) and on the food bought, is lost. Odeon is a BUSINESS and a business main goal is to MAKE A PROFIT!

The second thing is, it will drive people away to cinemas that will be showing the movies and risk losing those customers forever! Can the Odeon really risk that?

The third thing - and to me, this is important! - some people don't have the choice to go to other cinema to watch Alice. They might only have the Odean and that means that person won't have the chance to see this film. It's about that person's CHOICE to see the film, and if they can't because their local cinema won't show it, then surely that's not fair on the person.

My friends and I were planning to go to the Odeon near where we work because it's close to where we work. But, because of this, we are rethinking our plans and this is too much effort. The two nearest us is one in one direction (near one friend's house) and the other is in the other direction (near where I live). Both are about a 20 minute drive from where we work. At least we have a chance to change our minds and say "We'll try there."

Most people can't. And that's the point I'm trying to make.

I understand why Odeon are worried over this and I understand why Disney want to change this, but this, to me, isn't about money. It's about someone wanting to enjoy themselves! To me, this is pointless and business will be lost on both sides.

But with the ways things are, neither side will back and it will be the public that will suffer.

And to me, that's not right.

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