Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dear Scott (Custard Sure Cheese)

After listening to the latest Scott Mills Podcast (You need podcast entitled "Mills: Miles from Hell - Day 1") where they replaced a song from a afew songs with the word custard, my friends & I emailed into the show (after laughing our butts off!) This is what I wrote:

Dear Scott, Beccy, One Who Doesn’t Speak (Or the One Who Spoke Once – what is his name now???) and the PR4L!

Because of Custard Gate (which I heard this morning via podcast and making look like a weirdo on the Park and Ride bus to work!), my friends and I are now thinking of song lyrics and add the word “Custard” to. It’s gone a bit weird.

We have custarded Lady Gaga (“You and me can write a bad custard”), Ellie Goulding (“We’re under the custard and you’re killing me.”), Florence and the Machine (“You’ve got the custard I need to see me through…”) Cheryl Cole (“We’re got to fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this custard.”), MC Hammer (“Can’t Touch Custard”) & Michael Jackson (“Man in the Custard”) among others…

And now, because of this, we are changing words with two of our fave words at the moment: Sure and Cheese (don’t ask!). So, we have Sured JLS (“Everybody in sure, come put your hands up!”), The Killers (“Cos I’m Mr Bright-Sure”), and Rihanna (“Sure Boy”).

And we have Cheesed Glee (“Don’t Stop Cheesing”), Lady Gaga again (“Just Cheese!”), All Saints (“Out of reach, Take Me to my Cheese…”) and Dizzee Rascal (“Dirty Cheese, I want you! Dirty Cheese, I need you woo!”)

So, we just want to say thank you for keeping us entertained at work! We needed something to keep us sane(ish) since they stopped us listening to the radio L

Love You (as you complete us!)

We want it to be read out on air (highly unlikely), but you never know... Will report about if they do... PLEASE BBC RADIO ONE!!!

Also, a random add on, but have you even been put on hold while trying to talk to some company or other? Well, someone got even!

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