Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Nightshade Book Blog Tour

I am THRILLED and BEYOND HONORED to announce this EXCITING BOOK TOUR (my FIRST!!!) for NIGHTSHADE by Andrea Cremer (published in the UK by Atom Books).

Yeah, the poster with all the details is a bit small. Sorry about that. But other REAL book bloggers like Crooked Shelf, Words and Pieces, Book City Chick, I Want To Read That, My Favourite Books, Once Upon a Bookshelf among others are involved! And then there is little me, right at the end! OK, I'm the penultimate blog post - BUT I DON'T CARE! I am on this Book Blog Tour and I am very excited! Excited and stupidly humbled to be apart of this (as I ADORE the book a stupid amount!)

So, the book tour starts Friday 20th December 2010 and ends Friday 14th January 2011. My blog on this tour is Wednesday 12th January! I have put it in my phone's calendar so I WILL remember!

Till the book tour starts (and my blog-post hits the end of the tour), I will give you links to wet your appetite over Nightshade!

Andrea Cremer Official Website -
Nightshade Series Official Website -
Atom Books -

Till then, SEE YA ON THE TOUR!!!

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  1. Wow, looks awesome! Will deffo make sure I follow this! :)