Thursday, 23 December 2010

The 13 Sercets

Now, on Twitter a few days ago, I randomly won a copy of a book called "The 13 Sercets" by Michelle Harrison - all because I thought the cover looked cool (via @simonkids_UK)! I got it yesterday and, looking at it, I love it! It looks like a cool book to read. I mean, come on! LOOK AT IT!!!

Shame I didn't realise till after I won this competition that it was the final book in a trilogy - called "The 13 Treasures". But, because am weird, am going to risk reading this book as if I never knew it was in a trilogy because... well, it comes out in February and I want to read it before then. So, change in Books To Be Read - again.

Interested in this book or this series? Well, here's the trailer to tickle your fancy.

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