Wednesday 9 March 2011

Is This The Shortest First Chapter Ever?

That is the opening chapter of Blood Magic, a debut novel from Tessa Gratton, that she performed in aid for a competition she did on her blog (it's closed. I didn't win it.). Still don't believe me that those ten words were the opening chapter of her novel? On her LiveJournal - click here to go read it - she uploaded a picture of the opening chapter ...

Now, there are so many places you can take that story. Did she find immortality? Did she fail? Did she turn into a glittery vampire? Well, will have to wait till its release of July 2011 if you live the UK (if you live in the US, you get it 2 months earlier in May).

But I was thinking if this was the shortest opening chapter ever. Am sure there must be chapters shorter than those ten words, but is there an opening chapter shorter? Am sure I read one about the same length - so, I ask you, my dear blogging pals, to tell me if there is an opening chapter SHORTER than Tessa's.

(No prizes if you find the shortest. Am just curious to see if there is or not!)

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