Wednesday 28 September 2011

GoodRead - Daughter Of Smoke And Bone

This book has quite a bit of hyper round it. And the UK publisher, Hodder & Stoughton, have revealed five - that's right, FIVE! - teaser trailers for this book (all at the bottom of this review) in the run-up to the book's general release (tomorrow!). And, according to my sources, Hodder will also be releasing a special hardback limited edition of this book!

So, Hodder love this book and they want us to love it. But will Daughter of Smoke and Bone live up to the hyper?

Karou has lived two lives for seventeen years. In Prague, she is an art student with dyed blue hair. But she's, also, an errand-girl to Brimstone, a chimaera. A Wishmonger who collects teeth. Oh, and her hair actually grows out blue.

But something is happening around Karou. The mysteries that surround Karou and the chimaeras she class as her family are about the lay bare and it looks like it's beyond anything she could possibly imagine...

It is insane. That is the only thing I can say about this book. IT'S INSANE (but in a good way)! It feels like a fantasy book on drugs at the very start of the book so when I started reading the book, I always felt like I was backtrack to get my head round the names and over which chimaera was which. But because the story was so strange and imaginative, I got sweep along with the story.

But, there were one or two things that bothered me. The main thing was the back story. Most of the way through the story, there were hints and seeing as this is the first book in a trilogy, I thought things won't be explained till book 3. But the back story was explained at the end of the book and, because of that, I had the feeling it slowed the book down. I still read it, but I could have easily put the book down and left it for a while before return.

But when you start the book with the lines "Once upon a time, an angel and a demon fell in love. It didn't end well", your kinda hooked to know what happens! That was the thing that kept me going. And I know there's more to come as it's a trilogy...

I think this book falls victim to its own hype. Which is sad, as this is a very imaginative read. I can see why people are saying "It's like His Dark Materials meets Pan's Labyrinth meets Twilight". All I can say is if you like your fantasy books on drugs, this book will be perfect for you! And I will wait patiently for the sequel...


And now, for the five trailers of this book and my song choices! ENJOY! (Sorry for the amount of videos. But I do think you need to see them)

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