Thursday, 31 May 2012

GoodRead - Gin O'Clock

I'm pretty sure you guys know I am a fan of Twitter. Might be classed as an addict by some of you (well, I use it for stupid things and for the blog, so I'm on it most of the time!) and one of the great things about Twitter is the parody twitter accounts. Some are stinkers and others are hilarious! I follow @MrsStephenFry, @CherylKerl & @Queen_UK and all three of them have made me snort with laughter. And they all, out of nowhere, have books out! I read @MrsStephenFry's Diary last year (she has another book on Unbound, revealing the secrets to a perfect marriage…)and I know of @CherylKerl's book but haven't got my hands on a copy yet.

 Now, the @Queen_UK. I had Waterstones' giftcard for Christmas and, remembered I wanted this book, I asked if they were in stock. Nope, not in that branch. So, checked on Kindle and treated myself to the ebook version (only to have a lovely person at Hodder ask if I wanted a review copy a week or two later…).

 While sipping her drink of gin and tonic (minus the tonic), The Queen [of Twitter] decided to reveal her diaries and shows us how, quietly, she is ruling the world while trying to keep her family in check. All with a gin and bacon sandwich in hand…

Oh, @Queen_UK! I knew I was going to like this because of your twitter but, when I read a teaser where you called Catherine's (Duchess of Cambridge's) mother Mrs "Please call me Carole" Middleton, I knew I was going to howl at this book. And I did! There was always something that made me smile or snort unexpectantly with laughter. It was just fun to see One calling her weekly meeting with the Prime Minister his "ego-realignment", her throwing fancy dress parties for the Corrie Tram Crash, Eurovision and other events (only to lose Camellia who was last seen going outside for a quick smoke…), and her coping with her landmark trip to Ireland, her handling of the Obama's' visit and having to deal with the Middletons…

 I do hope Hodder talk her Majesty into writing a sequel after the events that happen in 2012 (her Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics) as it would be very interesting (and probably rolling on the floor-worthy) to have her take on the world. Also, the PIW (it's been ages since I used that term - Person I'm With) think I should read the audiobook as my "posh voice" will add to the humour. If they can't, I'm sure Hodder could give the @Queen_UK some gin that will help change her mind…


  1. Fab review, I only realised recently that @Queen_UK has a book out - tempted to treat myself to a copy! It sounds hilarious :D

    1. It is! I loved it as it was very stupid yet funny. And with it bein the jubilee, perfect timing!