Sunday 26 January 2014

Faber & Faber Blogger's Event

Yesterday, a bunch of bloggers and myself were kindly invited to Faber and Faber's Bloggers Event for their Children's and YA range for the next few months. And it's a good'un. I swear, there is a nice mix of EVERYTHING so they will be something you guys will LOVE!

So, everyone at Faber (especially Hannah for the PowerPoint mishap - we don't speak of that!), thank you for setting this up and giving us something to drool over, whether it be a picture book, "younger fiction" (or Middle Grade, if you're a US reader) or YA. To the authors - Jeff Norton and Natasha Farrant - who were there and read from their books, thank you for making us swoon or laugh madly (sorry about that dirty cackle. That was me!). To all you book bloggers I chatted to, SO GREAT TO SEE YOU!!!

So, my lovelies, who wants to see the pretties? Well, I shall do Picture Books and Younger Fiction first and YA at the end. So, here we go...

Picture Books & Younger Fiction
Faber has announced that, every year, they will be publishing four picture books within the year (so one per season). The titles of these for this year are Harry And Lil: The Tale of the Hog In The Fog by Julia Copus, Macavity: The Mystery Cat by T.S. Eliot, Dinosaur Rhyme Time and Snow (sadly, with these last two, I didn't note down the authors). And I want to read ALL FOUR OF THESE! I know this is more a YA book blogger, but each of these sound wonderful for your little ones and will be instant classics!

Another younger book I think you guys will LOVE is - wait for it, the title is AWESOME BEYOND WORDS (I have my reasons!) - SQUISHY McFLUFF! This follows Asa who, one day, discovers an imaginary/invisible cat in the cabbage patch and they become instant best friends. I'm sorry, but an imaginary/invisible cat! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! This book will be perfect for kids who are learning to read by themselves and perfect for reading out loud.

Archie Green and the Magician's Secret by D.D. Everest has got a ton of buzz worldwide, with people saying this could rival Harry Potter. On his birthday, Archie Green receives a mysterious book. Because of this, Archie has to go to Oxford, meet a family he has never met before and enter the world of Book People - a community devoted to finding and preserving magical books. This book, by the sounds of it, will make libraries and librarians magical...

In August, a new series should be launched. The first book in the Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombies series by Jeff Norton should be released. Adam Meltzer is a zombie with a possible early onset of OCD. But this isn't a book of OCD. Oh no! This book is ACTUALLY FUNNY! Jeff was at the event and read the prologue and a bit of chapter one and everyone in the room was in fits of laughter. I can't wait to get my hands on these!

And now, YA! And we have some good ones, with one I am VERY excited to read!

Winterkill by Kate A. Boorman sounds like a meet of Blood Red Road and The Village. And sadly, I have NO IDEA what I wrote about this in my notepad expect that it will be a trilogy, so I shall move on...

If you're a fan of Butter by Erin Lange, her second book is coming out next month which is Dead Ends. This is a coming of age story between two teens who slowly become friends. So, this might be perfect for you John Green fans! And we had news about the Erin Lange and I'm not sure if I am allow to say it or not so will stay quiet... For now...

And now, the book I am the most excited over. Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke. I heard about this a while ago on YouTube and, since then, I have been very excited to read this, so the fact that Faber is going to publish this in the UK makes me very happy. Nothing much happens in Violet's life... until the mysterious River comes along. When he stays in the seaside town, strange and creepy things begin to happen. Slowly, Violet begins to ask herself a scary thought: is River actually the Devil? That's right, The Devil!

I could go on with all the exciting books, but I am going to stop here. What do you think about these picks? Any that tickle your fancy?

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