Thursday, 30 January 2014

GoodRead - Unbreakable

I have to thank the lovely Emma from Book Angel Booktopia who sent me a copy of this to read. And she told me I could keep it. I beg you to go visit her site as she is SUPER LOVELY and I love her!

In the first book Kami's write solo, Kennedy Waters doesn't believe in ghosts. Until one tries to kill her. Then her world truly begins to unravel. When the identical twins of Jared and Lukas Lockhart save her and tell her that her mother might be part of the mysterious Legion, a secret society responsible to protecting the world from evil ghosts and demons. The same society that the previous five members died on the same night - including her mother.

But now the new members of Legion want Kennedy's help to save the world from the return of a dangerous evil. But is Kennedy really a member of the Legion? And if she's not, what will happen to them all?

As most of us know, Kami wrote the Beautiful Creatures series with Margaret Stolh and now both authors are writing their own series. Margaret is writting her series, Icons (review for that is here), and Kami is now writing her Legion series.

First of all, I have to state this: if you think this is going to be like Beautiful Creatures, stop. This isn't. You have to go to this with an open mind as, while Beautiful Creatures is about witches/Casters, this is about ghosts.

Now, with this book, I am in two minds over this. There are both pros and cons.

I love the pacing of the book. I loved how the book sped through and I was speeding through the pages. I love that there was always something to read and, at times, I was breathless at the pace. And this book was creepy. The ghosts were creepy! The well and the prison scenes are freaky and I just wanted to keep reading.

My main issue comes under description. There was very little description on characters and places. This is probably because of the speed of the book. Because of the speed, descriptions would slow down the pacing. But, when we had descriptions, it was VERY BRIEF or non-existence. When you met Lukas and Jared for the first time, you are met with the description that they are identical twins, dark hair, blue eyes, Jared has a scar and Lukas smiles. That's it. Unless I missed most of it.

I liked this book, but I didn't love it. While I am uncertain on if I will read the sequel, I do love the speed of the story and the creepy ghosts so maybe... Maybe I'll wait for book 2. Maybe... we shall wait and see...

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  1. I love you too <3 I think the character backgrounds are going to play a pivotal part in the plot hence the dripping feeding ;)