Friday 7 March 2014

GoodRead - Daughters of Time

To celebrate International Women's Day (which is tomorrow, my lovelies!), I was asked by the lovely people of Templar to read this collection of short stories inspired by women throughout history. And I do like a collection of short stories.

Within this collection of short stories, we have thirteen tales from thirteen bestselling historical authors. These women range from Queen Boudica and Lady Jane Grey to Aphra Behn, Mary Seacole and Emily Davison, to name but a few.

With all anthologies, there are stories I did really enjoy reading. But there were a few I just didn't click with (Won't say which I liked and which I didn't as I don't think that won't be fair for the collection as a whole). I'm not sure if was the style of narration or the fact that the story slimmed over the stories depth. But it was a mixed bag and the stories I did enjoy were of women that I knew vaguely or didn't know anything about. So, I learnt something new!

And who says books don't teach you anything?

This was an easy read to dip in and out of, but it was a fast read (well, to me, it was fast), and I think girls who read this will find these women inspiring - hopefully more inspiration than some role models and celebrities we have nowadays...

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