Friday 14 March 2014

GoodRead - Squishy McFluffy

Another day, another review... well, it's for younger children who are learning to read by themselves so this is perfect.

When Ava discovers an invisible cat in her vegetable plot, little does she or her family realise that this little cat can cause a lot of trouble and naughtiness.

Of course, I was going to read this. Of course I was. IT HAS AN INVISIBLE CAT!

And I really liked this. Written in rhyming verse by Pip Jones and with pretty illustrations by Ella Okstad, young children who will have this being read to them will laugh out loud at Squishy's adventures but when they read it to themselves, they will feel smart.

Either way, they will be excited to read what Ava and Squishy do next in the second book in the series, Supermarket Sweep. And so will I.

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