Friday, 4 December 2015

GoodRead - Most Beautiful Universities In The World

Tina from Abrams and Chronicle emailed me a while ago over a few titles that Abrams and Chronicle  are publishing over the next few months. It was a mix bag of books and several catch my eye. And this was one that caught my attention and held it. When I saw it, it made me go "This would be very different read for me and my blog" and that excited me. I have never read a coffee table book and it focused on photography - something I love looking at (have you not seen my Pinterest?!).

In this book, we have photographs of over 20 universities from 15 different countries. This ranges from the oldest universities in the world - University of Bologna, Oxford, Sorbonne, Cambridge - to much newer universities - National School of Fine Art, Yale, Rolex Learning Centre.

What's wonderful about this book is that, while there is a tiny write-up of each university, it's the photographs that sell the book. It's the photos that do the talking and that is what makes me like this book. I dip in and out of it and I feel like I discover something new in each photograph, which are lush and glorious.

So, I'm not gonna write up a typical blogpost. Am going to take some photos and show them to you.

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