Thursday, 24 December 2015

Quick End of Year Note

So, it's Christmas tomorrow and the end of the year in a few days time, so it's time for us bloggers to write our end of year post. Our favourite reads, our favourite memories, our year...

Instead, I'm going to say something to you. Something I haven't told anyone expect a few people (my Other Half and a few family members). But here we go:

I was going to quit this blog this year.

Of course I haven't quit. I'm still here, writing blogposts and plotting my future posts for this blog. But yes, a few years ago, I had a plan for this blog. A few years ago, when I had started this blog and other cooler book bloggers and UK publishers started to see my blog, I decided to think ahead. Think about when I should call it a day for the blog, just in case.

2015 was my last year of blogging. I had a plan for this year. I would either email all the publishers at the start or the end of this year, then I would give myself 12 months to get all my blog affairs in order - reviews, guest posts, everything to make 2015 the best year ever!

But I changed my mind. I changed my mind back in March, just after I won my Blogger's Blogger award from UKYA Blogger Award. I was excited over the win, honoured beyond belief and thought "Why not?". Plus, I didn't want to call time on this, just yet.

But this year has been a weird year. I won an award, then I panicked for a good few months, worrying that my blog had to be good enough to represent the award. To show that I deserved the win. But you guys never forced me. I forced me. It took till August for me to go, "Wait a minute! Why am I getting in a state over this?" and, once that clicked in my brain, I started to have fun again and plot things. I have something planned in the New Year which I need to announce and write up so... keep eyes peeled.

But this year has been a strange year. I won an award, panicked my blog wasn't good enough, did public speaking (while panicking! Thank God I had wonderful people who were doing the public speaking with me as I had fun and didn't tie myself into physical and mental knots!), got excited over the wave of new and old book bloggers heading this way and the books. Oh, the books!

Shame am only just climbing out of my reading slump, but BOOKS!!! SO MANY EXCITING BOOKS IN MY TBR PILE! Keep your eyes peeled over the course over the next year for them write ups!

And with private life, I moved (a fact some publishers still haven't grasp), got a kitten, still got a wonderful family and Other Half in my life and feel weirdly like am happy with the way my life is going (though the employment front is still a bit hit and miss, but you can't win them all!).

But to everyone (family, friends, publishers, bloggers, authors, readers, the love of my life), I just want to say thank you. I owe you all so much and I have no idea where to start. So thank you. Just thank you.

Before this gets too soppy, 2016. Where am I going with the blog next year? I can answer in one of two ways. The first is this:

The second (and probably more truthful) answer is I don't know. I have no idea. It's going to be one weird blogging journey and you know what? I can't wait to find out. Hopefully, by then, I will be out of my reading slump. Well, here's hoping... Of course, 2016 could be the year I decide to wear more "grown up" clothes... 


So, before I leave you to enjoy the next few weeks silence from me, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy start to 2016, and remember...

Sorry, couldn't resist. See you in 2016!

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